Tampa Bay Buccaneers Prepping to Part Ways with Kellen Winslow?

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMay 21, 2012

Kellen Winslow's knees get mail from the AARP.
Kellen Winslow's knees get mail from the AARP.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Kellen Winslow Jr. is 28; his knees are 48.

They aren't preseason knees, they aren't training camp knees, they are not knees that can work the way new coach Greg Schiano wants his "Buccaneer Men" working.

With that in mind, Winslow believes he's on his way out and said so Monday on NFL radio.

Huge surprise?

Probably not. Maybe it's another reason why you didn't see Winslow at the OTAs last week. "The knees" have better things to do.

Last summer, he spent more time not practicing than practicing. With Schiano in his mind, that's probably not something he wants his younger players observing. Who's to blame him? You want your guys out there in an equal "everyone busts their butts" scenario.

Winslow has been a consistent offensive weapon, but you have to ask yourself if there's too much mileage on the odometer.

There were rumors that the Bucs might try to shop Aqib Talib prior to the draft, but that didn't make sense. Talib's still valuable when he's not in court or on suspension.

As for Winslow? Would any team really be willing to give up much for this guy?

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe if you are a player or two away from serious playoff contention and you need a tight end who can't block but has excellent hands.

Maybe not if you expect that the Bucs may go ahead and say goodbye, via the waiver wire.

The Bucs have a lot of tight ends on the roster and one of them has "those knees."

A name that has surfaced is that of Dallas Clark, former Indianapolis Colt, who is long in the tooth at age 33 and has his own physical issues. Pat Yasinkas of ESPN reports he worked out for the Bucs last week and may be signed.

Whatever happens, it's evident that Winslow's on his way out the door. "Buccaneer Men" don't blow off OTAs and they don't stand on the sideline during training camp.