How South Carolina Football Will Fill the Void of Every Drafted Player

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IMay 21, 2012

How South Carolina Football Will Fill the Void of Every Drafted Player

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    South Carolina lost some substantial talent in the draft.  The Gamecocks will have to find ways to replace these great players.  How can this be done?

    Can a team rebound from losing three players that were drafted in the first two rounds of the draft?  Can a team take the program to the next level losing talent like that?

    The answer is yes. 

    Here is how they will do it. 

Stephon Gilmore, Cornerback

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    Stephon Gilmore was a great corner.  He didn't always play up to his potential, but his raw talent and physical gifts made him a first-round pick.  How do the Gamecocks replace a star corner that can work against the SEC's gifted receivers?

    With another potential star corner. 

    Victor Hampton will slide into Gilmore's place.  He has the ability to be an even better player.  However, questions about his ethics and intelligence are out there.  If he stays on the straight and narrow, the No. 1 corner position will be fine. 

Melvin Ingram, Defensive End

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    Three words:

    Jadeveon. Freaking. Clowney. 


Alshon Jeffery, Wide Receiver

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    This is probably the most difficult of all of the losses to replace.  Alshon Jeffery was the Gamecock's clear number one receiver, and bailed the team out on numerous occasions. 

    South Carolina will probably replace Alshon with a receiver by committee approach.  The team doesn't have one superstar, but they have a stable of very talented guys.  For more information on this, check out my article on this topic last week. 

Rokevious Watkins, Left Tackle

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    Before I get into this, I have to say that the one picture of Rokevious Watkins at the Rams rookie mini camp is one of the worst photo's of all time. 

    He looks hungry, tired, and like he's about to go to the bathroom in his pants.

    Anyway, he was a great left tackle for the Gamecocks.  However, his replacement is easy. 

    Brandon Shell, who may actually be an upgrade. 

Antonio Allen, SPUR

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    Antonio Allen will be a difficult person to replace.  The starting SPUR for 2012 looks to be DeVonte Holloman, an extremely gifted player. 

    He's a more intimidating presence than Antonio, but he hasn't shown the playmaking ability that Allen has.  If DeVonte lives up to his massive potential, the Gamecocks will be fine. 

Travian Robertson, Defensive Tackle

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    Travian Robertson was an undervalued member of the Gamecocks amazing defensive line.  He's a great player with elite athleticism, who will make a splash with the Falcons. 

    Luckily for the Gamecocks, the defensive line is by far the deepest group.  They have a budding star in Kelcy Quarles to take his place as starter, and behind him, a ton of great depth.  They will be fine here.