Daniel Bryan: Taking a Long, Hard Look at WWE Star Being a Heel

Paul WiesbadenContributor IIIMay 21, 2012

Daniel Bryan is by far one of the more intriguing characters in the WWE.

His size puts him into the ranks of Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho as far as past title holders and contenders go. But for his lack of size, he is definitely qualified to hold a belt.

What is most interesting about Bryan to me is that he is a heel. But for all of his heelish tactics, he still comes across as a likeable in-ring competitor—the "Yes" chants and signs easily tell me that others feel the same way.

I would even venture to say that since Bryan's heel turn, he has become even more popular among WWE fans than when he was a babyface.

This is similar to the original ECW, when high-fliers like Rob Van Dam would get over with fans even when they happened to be heels. Something WWE has yet to come to grips with is that a large number of fans like talented wrestlers. It is hard to dislike people who appear to put so much effort into their matches.

There are a number of wrestlers in the WWE that put on the same match night after night. Bryan isn't one of those guys.

CM Punk and Bryan's match at Over the Limit might be the match of the year, though the finish kind of taints it because it is a familiar ending to some of us who have watched wrestling for over 20 years.

But what was so good about the match is that it looked like an old-school match. It looked like Punk and Bryan were making it up as they went along rather than relying on a script.

When you have guys like them putting on such a good match, can you really not cheer them?

It seems like once the action starts, Bryan's out-of-ring indiscretions are overlooked. And he cannot come across the way Ric Flair and the Horsemen did.

Do you prefer Bryan as a heel or babyface?