Amauri: Is the Soap Opera Finally Over? (Part I)

Samuel DieudonneCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

The soap opera that Amauri Carvalho de Oliveira has provided concerning his international future has been anything but entertaining since he burst onto the scene for Juventus after signing from Palermo. 

Even that switch seemed to be a hard decision for the 28-year-old, since it took him months to decide between Milan and Juventus. Now, he finds himself playing in Turin because that had team qualified for the Champions League last season while Milan did not.

Amauri has scored an impressive 12 goals for the club in the process. But his "bitchy" attitude, in relation to the teams he chooses and the fact that he's willing to play for the first National team that caps him, has not gone well with Brazil's manager Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri, better known as Dunga. 

Dunga repeatedly snubbed him last year, and originally left him out in his latest squad for the Brazil-Italia clash in London. 

That was, until his striker, Luis Fabiano, was re-injured. Then Dunga last week offered the frontman Amauri an opportunity to play for Brazil if Juventus agreed to release him.

Juventus President Giovanni Cobolli Giggli is possibly looking forward to seeing Amauri in an Azzurri jersey, as he locked Amauri up in Turin and has stated that he does not wish to release him.

"The case is closed," Giggli said. "It was in my interest in having Amauri stay with Juventus. It is not a favor to somebody. Dunga forfeited a request he never made."

Amauri is reported to have talked with Blanc and Secco, who informed him that they did not want to send him to Brazil.

What a way to kill one of the man's dreams.

Amauri's mom had some things to say to Dunga, in order to spice up this soap opera. ''Dunga only decided to call up my son because he wishes to annoy Italy."

Upon hearing this, I guess Dunga got pissed, since he has not decided to force Juve to release the player. He was quoted as saying "the CBF has decided not to call up another forward to replace Fabiano."

But do not worry, fans, Amauri still has some hope. Italy and Lippi have yet to announce a squad. Maybe Amauri will get the nod. You never know how this soap opera will end.

Stay tuned for Part II!