WWE Over the Limit 2012 Results: More from the Big Show-Cena Saga? No Thank You

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 21, 2012

The Big Show turned on John Cena at WWE Over the Limit, thereby relaunching one of the most uninteresting rivalries in the WWE today. 

Both the Big Show and John Cena are overachievers in the ring as they each possess the ability to put on a strong main-event match despite their limitations in the ring. 

These abilities have never been highlighted against one another. 

Big Show vs. John Cena is always a placeholder feud used to fill up a merciless pay-per-view and TV schedule. 

Everything from the buildup to the matches remain status quo as the announcers obliviously ask the answerable question of whether Cena can pick up the 500-pound giant for an Attitude Adjustment.

The answer is yes.  Let's turn that page already. 

Cena and Big Show was somewhat special when Cena won his first WrestleMania match at WrestleMania XX. 

There, the familiar story of the upstart underdog taking on the big, scary giant led to Cena's ascendancy as a top star. 

Now, Cena vs. Big Show is almost impossible to eagerly anticipate, with both plodding superstars putting on display one of the premier spectacles in awkwardness.

Big Show as a heel works better than the smiling, crying giant with a heart of gold.  It's much more productive to a WWE storyline to build up the giant as an dominant, unstoppable, take-no-prisoners killer. 

However, the WWE needs to focus on taking Show on different roads with the aging giant steadily reaching his twilight years in professional wrestling.

There's no use wasting money and time with a feud that has been a proven clunker both from a commercial and in-ring standpoint.  Any animosity between Big Show and John Cena needs to cease as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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