10 Ebay Sports Items You Don't Want to Bid on

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10 Ebay Sports Items You Don't Want to Bid on
Taking "Cleveland Rocks!" a little bit literally...

As a society, a nation, a culture, and as a planet, we love sports. 

Few things bond people together like watching our favorite players cross home plate after a walk-off home run, catching a Hail Mary pass with a few precious seconds left, shooting a game-winning buzzer-beater, or sinking the 20-foot putt on the 18th green. 

Fathers and sons, grandparents and grandchildren—generations coming together to cheer on our favorite athletes. 

We've seen The Babe, Jordan, Gretzky, The Golden Bear, and all of the finest of what the sporting world can offer us. Icons whose timeless performances when the intense pressure is on make us believe, from young to old, that we can hit that home run, shoot that three-pointer, or dive into the end zone to the roar of the adoring crowd.     

Amongst all this feel-good Kumbaya mushiness, it's easy to forget that the sporting world is a business, a very popular business. 

A rule of thumb about life: You can bet your bottom dollar that when something is popular, there’s someone trying to make a quick buck off of it.

To top it off, the choices are endless in the sports memorabilia arena. One can spend a pretty penny for a Ted Williams rookie card, or 50 cents for a used Glacier Frost Gatorade bottle that Dennis Rodman guzzled from. 

If you're an avid collector, a rabid fan, or just your average Joe looking to hang a poster on your wall, there's an item for you out there. 

Rest assured though, if you're looking for a good laugh, there's also something for you out there as well.  Some sporting items are flat-out hilarious, and some are downright oddball. 

The next time you're endlessly scouting the internet for your favorite team's swag, just beware—you may want to keep your wallet closed when approached with these off-the-wall items. 

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