Ohio State Football: 5 Exciting Predictions for QB Braxton Miller

Soven Bery@@realsovenberySenior Analyst IMay 21, 2012

Ohio State Football: 5 Exciting Predictions for QB Braxton Miller

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    Braxton Miller excited Columbus as a freshman and kept a state waiting for next season. Well, Ohio State's next season is about to roll around, and I will start predicting how Miller will fare in his sophomore year. 

    In 2011, he ran for 715 yards and completed 54.1 percent of his passes for 1,159 yards with 13 touchdowns and four interceptions.  

    How will he fare next year? 

    Miller will be able to use this season as a way to grow and develop much like USC's Matt Barkley did. Miller isn’t going to be able to step on the field and be an NFL-ready prospect, but he will improve leaps and bounds this year under the tutelage of the great Urban Meyer

    Here are my full predictions for Braxton Miller in 2012. 

Will Be One of the Best Quarterbacks in the Big Ten

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    Yes, I realize this is a conference that boasts Denard Robinson (Michigan) and James Vandenberg (Iowa). However, it isn't a stretch to say that, by the end of the season, Miller will be one of the best quarterbacks in the Big Ten. 

    Miller is a dangerous dual-threat quarterback that can run and throw with elite ease. He looked great in the spring when running Urban Meyer’s offense. 

    The sophomore will quickly find his stride in the season and take off from there. Miller has great potential and enormous upside. He will convert that potential into set-in-stone stats and be one of the best quarterbacks in the Big Ten. 

Throws for 15-Plus Touchdowns

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    Last season Braxton Miller threw for 13 touchdowns on 1,159 yards. Throwing for 15 touchdowns will not be a problem. 

    In fact, it might be a little too conservative. I see him far surpassing the threshold of 15 touchdowns this season. 

    Meyer is great at developing quarterbacks and Miller will have a whole offseason to work on his arm strength. A slight increase in passing touchdowns will not seem to be a problem. 

    He is a player that will kill teams with his scrambling but can also get it done in the air. Wide receiver will be an area of concern, but Chris Fields and Corey Brown will catch touchdown passes if they are there. 

    They will be there. 

Runs for 1,000-Plus Yards

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    The Ohio State phenomenon electrified defenses as he ran for 715 yards last season. 

    Miller will only build on that performance in this upcoming year. 

    His elusiveness and speed will be at the foundation of an amazing rushing attack. The game plan is modified to better suit Miller's strength at running the football. 

    Senior Jordan Hall will get the start at running back, but Hall isn’t Boom Herron and Miller will still get enough carries to pass the 1,000-yard mark in a season. 

    Will it be difficult? 

    Yes, but this is a team that wants to build around its quarterback, so letting him run wild will be a boon for the Buckeyes. 

Will Have Fewer Than Seven Interceptions

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    Miller only threw four interceptions in 157 attempts last season, but this year he will have more chances to throw the ball. 

    Thus, defenses will have more chances to intercept the ball. Miller will still stay relatively decent in the interception department and won’t throw a huge amount of picks. 

    However, the sophomore will throw some balls that will fly haywire and fall in the arms of an open defensemen. 

    That is just the way of the game, and Miller is still raw. 

    He won’t be perfect, but his interception rate won’t be alarming. 

Will Beat Michigan

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    Rejoice Ohio State fans! 

    It will be close and it won’t be easy, but the Buckeyes will open a new chapter in this famed rivalry with a win. 

    Denard Robinson can electrify any stadium, but Braxton Miller will step his own game up. These two elite quarterbacks will duel to remarkable proportions. 

    Robinson will score. Miller will reply. The game will be a back-and-forth grudge match, but the Buckeyes will beat their arch nemesis at home on the last day of the year. 

    The Wolverines' secondary will limit Miller and force him into making some bad throws. They will be a hazard all day, but Ohio State will overcome. 

    The sophomore quarterback will soon get the best of the Michigan defense in the second half and lead his team to victory.