What Happened on Raw Tonight That You Did Not See

Nick HaynesCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

Tonight, I made a little trip to St. Louis to catch the best show in sports-entertainment today-Monday Night Raw.  I apologize for the brevity, and I will try to edit or write a more detailed version tomorrow (it's late, I had a long drive, and I'm tired).

First of all, the closer you sit, the better the action is.  I had my closest seats ever...three rows back from the announce table.  You can even see me on TV when Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole are being taped.  I paid $60 (plus $15 in additional charges) for the seat, and it was well worth every penny.

Second, the action that they didn't show tonight...part of it for the ECW taping, but also a couple of matches that did not air.


Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas) defeats DJ Gabriel (w/Alicia Fox): Surprisingly, the crowd was behind Mark Henry, most likely due to the fact that hardly anybody knew who the other guy was, and his gimmick was pretty lame.  He came out in trunks that had a Rubik's Cube quality to them, dancing with Alicia Fox like a lame version of the Miz and John Morrison.  Fairly simple match, with Henry going over on Gabriel.


1.) Paul Burchill (w/Katie Lea) defeats Tommy Dreamer: The match was average, with the crowd amazingly over for Dreamer.  After the match, Miz and Morrison came out and razzed Dreamer for being old and fat.  After a comment about Dreamer's family, Dreamer attacked Miz.  Morrison saved Miz, partially breaking their Slammy on Dreamer's back.  A lot of ladies supporting John Morrison.

Backstage: Jamie Noble meets up with Theodore Long and tries to convince him that Long has the opportunity to sign the star of Raw to the ECW brand.  Long agrees to give him a shot against an unnamed opponent.

2.) Boogeyman defeats Jamie Noble: Poor match quality, as it often is with the Boogeyman.  Crowd didn't really cheer either one, but more cheers for Boogeyman.

3.) Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) vs. Jack Swagger: Didn't catch the match, as I wanted to grab a drink and hit the john before Raw started.  Let's just assume that Swagger won.


John Cena defeats Randy Orton: A lot of cheers for Orton (many of which I started or tried to start).  Cena was incredibly over, but there was still a very noticeable anti-Cena contingent.  The Orton-Cena main event was better than the Jericho-Cena one that the crowds saw.  The match lasted probably about 10-15 minutes, with Orton hitting an RKO and Cena kicking out at two. 

Cena hit about 12 or 13 moves total between the two matches (a few repeats, obviously, as Cena's repertoire is not nearly that deep), and at least spared the crowd a second five-knuckle shuffle during the Orton match.  Orton was over for most of the match, and then Cena won. 

Who woulda guessed?  Is there any other way for Cena to win (by the way, I'm not a huge fan of Cena, if you hadn't guessed)?

After the final match, Cena did some walking around the ring, tried to act thuggish-ruggish, shook the hands of a few kids, and then left.