Mets getting close to signing Oliver Perez

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IFebruary 2, 2009

According to Ken Rosenthal of  Fox Sports, the Mets seem closer than ever to retain Oliver Perez. The Mets are pushing to give Oliver three years plus a four-year vested option.

Perez, 27, was 25-17 with a 3.91 ERA the past two seasons with the Mets. He would rejoin lefty Johan Santana and righties John Maine and Mike Pelfrey in the team's rotation.

The Mets will look find their 5th starter out of a bunch of pitchers that include Tim Redding, Freddie Garcia, Jon Niese and a bunch of others.

Omar and Mets seem to think that Pedro might be an option to return and compete for the 5th spot as well. The Mets will use the WBC as a barometer to see if he can perform the way the Mets would like him to perform.