WWE RAW Delivers After Being on Thin Ice

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 2, 2009

RAW is really on thin ice. These last couple of weeks we've been on a roller coaster. One week, RAW is a can't miss show, the next week it just sucks.

RAW has no consistency right now, but this RAW was great!...At least way better than last week's edition.

Let's start off with Shane and Orton in the opening. Shane comes out first and talks about his actions. Orton came out soon afterwards telling Shane that he told Legacy not to beat up Shane, and that they let him attack them (WWE knew how bad Shane's jabs were so that's the excuse).

Shane had said that Orton's attorney approached him and informed Shane that Orton was looking for a match against in at No Way Out in two weeks. Shane excepted, but not before saying it was a no-holds barred match.

Orton says Shane will be in the hospital next to his father when he's done with him and heads down to the ring. Orton hesitates a couple of times and goes in once DiBiase and Rhodes arrive for a sneak attack.

However, their attempt to attack Shane went awry as he had an equalizer, not a sledgehammer like Triple H but, a kendo stick/singapore cane (which ever you prefer). He swung multiple times and Orton quickly got out of harms way but Legacy weren't so lucky especially DiBiase, who got multiple hits.

William Regal fought CM Punk...again. This time in an inter-gender match, Layla with Regal and Mickie James with Punk. Regal and Layla picked up the victory.

An odd pairing hit the ring next. Mike Knox tagged with Kane and the two faced Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio. Kofi and Rey had control earlier on but when the match progress the power shifted to the gruesome duo of Kane and Knox. Kofi was isolated for a while until finally tagging Rey and everyone just started fighting.

The ending came when Kofi went over the rope for a body splash only to catch Mike Knox's knee in his gut. Knox then caught Rey's 619, but Rey shook him off and leaped off the top rope only to get chokeslammed as Kane and Knox pick up the win.

Kane and Knox also are the last two chamber entrants. Are Kofi and Rey doomed in the chamber?

Legacy/Priceless also were in action against Cryme Tyme. Rhodes and DiBiase still felt the effects of the cane from earlier. This wouldn't last long as Priceless would get DQ'ed and they would continue their assault on Shad who received a vicious DDT by the hands of Rhodes while DiBiase held his feet in mid-air.

I see two young Orton's in the ring. Even though the Rourke deal caved in, WWE still showed promos for the very short feud. Jericho followed next by appearing in the ring. He briefly talked about Rourke then quckly moved on to legends...more specifically Ric Flair.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's getting worse. WWE just doesn't know what to do with Jericho. The possibility of the two even facing off is a disgrace. It would make last year's WM24 match between Flair and HBK...worthless. Flair is the next Hogan, huh?

Anyway, later Stephanie is walking with Shane backstage and they get ambushed by the entire Legacy and even the security guards get demolished. Shane is beaten real badly and Orton goes for a punt. He stops and sees Stephanie. Orton thinks about it and runs for her, however Shane used his body as a shield to protect his sister.

Dean Malenko and others finally stop the carnage.

Beth Phoenix comes out with Santino, her slammy, and Rosa Mendes the intern.

HBK has his segment with JBL which was the best part of the night by far. HBK should get an Oscar because he gave another stellar performance. A long story short, JBL got tired of HBK failing his duties and proposed a winner take all match at No Way Out.

If HBK wins, he gets the money for his family and is free from his contract. If JBL wins then he owns HBK's name. He can make a movie, open a restaurant all using HBK's name and will earn money for it. JBL gets in HBK's face and slaps him. HBK had so much emotion, but didn't superkick him. It's on HBK vs. JBL at No Way Out, winner take all.

Beth faces Candice, who puts up a good match. Beth came close to losing but ended it with her finisher and then Beth commands Mendes to toss Candice out of the ring and the three celebrate.

It gets announced that Ric Flair will be on RAW next week...oh boy. WWE won't learn, will it? Undertaker vs. Orton gets announced for next week as well. That should be a good match.

Cena faces Jericho in the main event. Cena wanted to shut him up for bad talking the legends earlier. As expected Cena picks up the win and we now have one week left until the chamber. Cena celebrates and Raw closes out.