Fantasy WWE: NXT (5/15)

Will OwenCorrespondent IMay 19, 2012

Fantasy WWE: NXT (5/15)

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    Hey, Bleacher Report! This is a new show that the makers of Fantasy WWE have decided would be interesting for your readers to look at. Obviously, we are recreating NXT, but the new general manager, Raffaele Spano, is at a severe disadvantage. 

    Spano has to use a smaller group of superstars, as many of the top-flight stars are on SmackDown and Raw. Also, he is only using FCW/WWE talent rather than stemming out to TNA and RoH. The show may not have significant star power, but its feuds and well-written matches will more than make up for it.

    There is no need to rate the show, as it would not be fair to try and rate it with such a weak roster. But please do leave a comment with any comments and possible improvements.

    With that said, what's in store for NXT's third episode? Let's find out.

    Editor's Note: Be on the lookout for more episodes of Fantasy WWE coming out soon.

    Let's get to NXT!

Promo: Dean Ambrose and Ryback in the Ring

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    The new NXT video package welcomes us to NXT. Standing in the middle of the ring alongside Ryback is Dean Ambrose with a microphone.

    He goes to speak and the fans boo frantically. He raises the microphone back to his mouth and laughs like a maniac. The fans are going nuts!

    Dean Ambrose: “Well, Well, Well…”

    Dean Ambrose: “I seem to have been forgotten over the past few weeks, huh? Well I guess after last week, no one will forget Dean Ambrose anymore.”

    The fans are livid, chanting ‘You Suck’ at Ambrose.

    Dean Ambrose: “Smackdown is my show… You people think I care about this second rate show? No, No –

    A little kid in the front row shouts ‘Go home then’ causing the people around him to laugh.

    Dean Ambrose: “Shut up, you little bastard!”

    Dean Ambrose: “You people will learn to shut up when Dean Ambrose is talking!”

    Dean Ambrose: “What I did last week is nothing compared to what is going to happen on this show until I finally get shown the recognition and respect I deserve –

    Road Dogg’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts. Road Dogg stands on the stage with half a dozen security guards in tow.

    Road Dogg: “Hell no boy, I’ll give you three seconds to get out of my ring or these boys here will escort you out”

    The fans count along with Road Dogg and Ambrose sits on the top turnbuckle laughing. Road Dogg orders security to escort both men out of the arena. Ryback stands strong in the centre of the ring. Two security guard rush in and Ryback makes short work of them.

    Ryback edges the others to come in and they oblige. Ryback destroys one with a boot to the face, he hits the second with a hard clothesline and one security leaves the ring. There’s only one security guard left and Ryback hits his Muscle Buster-like manoeuvre on him. Road Dogg looks on in awe.

    Ambrose laughs as jumps down from the turnbuckle and steps out onto the apron facing Road Dogg. He claps in Road Dogg’s face and jumps down from the apron.

    Road Dogg: “Whoa, since you don’t want to leave the building, you can compete here tonight.”

    Road Dogg orders a referee to make his way to the ring. Road Dogg informs Ambrose that he is going to the back to find a suitable opponent for him and the match will take place after the break. 

Match 1: Dean Ambrose vs. Derrick Bateman

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    Derrick Bateman’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring to a decent reception. Byron Saxton welcomes us to NXT and informs people of what happened before the break.

    The bell rings and both men tie-up. Ambrose backs himself into the corner and slides under the middle rope and shouts at the ref to get Bateman away from him.

    Ryback stands tall on the outside as he looks on. They go to tie up again but Ambrose smartly kicks Bateman in the midsection and backs him up to a turnbuckle with hard chops to the chest.

    Ambrose now Irish-whips Bateman to the opposing side and follows up only to be met by a hard elbow. Bateman explodes with multiple clotheslines that Ambrose keeps bouncing up from and then finally knocks Ambrose to the outside with a dropkick.

    Byron Saxton: “Well look at that, Dustin! Bateman gains the upper hand on Ambrose!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Derrick Bateman has proven he is as tough as they come and believe me Ambrose is going to have his hands full here tonight!”

    Bateman gets the fans behind him and charges at the ropes with a suicide dive. Ryback pushes Ambrose out of the way smartly. Bateman misses Ambrose and hits his shoulder on the floor hard. Ambrose quickly puts the boots to Bateman on the outside and crawls back into the ring.

    Ambrose pulls the referee over to him allowing Ryback to drop Bateman hard across the barricade and shove him back into the ring. Ambrose covers, 1…2 – Bateman kicks out.

    Ambrose lifts Bateman back up to his feet and shoves him into the corner. He slaps Bateman and face palms him a few times before hitting hard forearm shots. Ambrose steps back and charges with a hard forearm shot dropping Bateman. Ambrose covers, 1…2...Bateman kicks out.

    Byron Saxton: “Bateman showing that resiliency that we have seen over the past couple weeks here against Ambrose.”

    Ambrose lifts Bateman so he his seated on the mat and drives his knee into Batemans back while wrenching on Batemans neck. He holds on for a few moments before driving his knee a few times into the upper back of Bateman.

    Ambrose raises Bateman by his hair and Irish-whips him and on the return locks Bateman in a sleeper hold. Bateman smartly side steps and hits an atomic drop on Ambrose. Bateman pushes Ambrose chest first into the turnbuckle and follows up with a hard knee and a schoolboy, 1…2 – Ambrose kicks out.

    Ambrose swings wildly at Bateman and Bateman ducks and hits his own backstabber manoeuvre and makes another cover on Ambrose, 1…2 – Ambrose kicks out again.

    Dustin Rhodes: “After the disrespect for NXT Ambrose showed, he now finds himself in a wrestling match and that’s what this is! Bateman is not going to roll over and die for Dean Ambrose tonight!” 

    Bateman lifts Ambrose and tries for a scoop slam but Ambrose drops down behind Bateman and hits a hard reverse suplex. Ambrose turns and holds Bateman in a front face lock and raises him off of the mat. Ambrose snaps a suplex and holds on raising Bateman again and finally connects with a Falcon Arrow, 1…2...Bateman barely kicks out.

    Ambrose shouts for Bateman to get to his feet and as Batemans getting up he goes for a Knee Trembler that Bateman catches and lifts Ambrose to his shoulders. Bateman drops Ambrose hard across his knees. Bateman makes the cover, 1…2...Ambrose kicks out.

    Both men are sluggish to their feet and trade strikes once they’re up. Ambrose catches Bateman out and boots Bateman in the gut and hits the Midnight Special. 1…2…3! (7:32)

    The winner of this match by pinfall – Dean Ambrose!

    Ambrose crawls over to the corner and asks for a microphone. Ryback climbs into the ring and helps Ambrose to his feet.

    Dean Ambrose: “Smart, Road Dogg… I gotta give you that. But now you have pissed off the wrong person. Welcome to your own personal nightmare!”

    We cut to commercial break. 

Match 2: Big E Langston vs. Local Wrestler

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    Byron Saxton: “We are back live ladies and gentlemen and you have got to wonder what in God’s name was Ambrose talking about.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Yeah, the guy seems a little unstable if you ask me.”

    Byron Saxton: “Yeah, it seems that way, but up next we have the monstrous Big E Langston in action!”

    The local wrestler in the ring seems to have a bit of size on him as he bounces on his feet awaiting Big E Langston. Langston’s music hits and he gets a rough reaction from the crowd. He jaws a bit to the fans as he makes his way down to the ring.

    Once Langston gets in the ring, he stares a hole into the local. The local tries to remain calm but the fear is imminent on his face.

    The bell rings and the local charges at Big E with kicks to the mid-section. Big E shrugs them off and hits a hard clothesline. The local struggles to his feet and Big E shoulder tackles him into the corner. He charges his shoulder into the gut a few times and throws the local across the ring with a massive beel.

    Big E shouts at the fans and they boo loudly. Front face lock by Big E and he drives hard knees into the head of the local. The local is unresponsive and the ref calls for the bell. (1:09)

    Winner by knockout: Big E Langston

    The referee tries to pull Big E off but he won’t stop the knee assault on the local.

    Byron Saxton: “Will someone stop this monster? This is getting ridiculous!”

    Big E finally lets go of the local only to hit The Big End. The fans boo as he leaves the ring. Big E walks towards the announce booth and smashes his fists down hard on it. He shouts ‘You better watch your mouth’ to Byron before leaving.

    Dustin Rhodes: “I told you to keep your mouth shut, Byron!”

    Byron Saxton: “Yeah, well… anyway I believe we have something going on backstage.” 

Promo: Damien Sandow Comes to the Building

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    Damien Sandow is in a nice designer suit exits a black limousine. He orders the driver to collect the bags and take them to his locker room when Road Dogg rushes up to him.

    Road Dogg: “Glad I caught you Damien. I have also run down the others and tonight’s main event will be a rematch of last week’s tag match.

    Sandow smiles at Road Dogg and continues to walk. The interviewer manages to catch up with Damien.

    Interviewer: “Wow, Mr. Sandow a rematch from last week is sure to be exciting. Your thoughts?”

    Damien Sandow: “Of course it’s going to be exciting when you have an elite athlete such as me headlining yet another show in his second week of competing.”

    Interviewer: “Right, so –

    Damien Sandow: “I didn’t say you could talk! Wrestlers, announcers and commoners all wonder what it takes to be limitless. All I can say is watch and learn. And maybe one day you to could be Limitless… You’re Welcome."

    We cut to commercial.

Promo: Bray Wyatt and Eli Cottonwood

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    When we return we are taken to a bonfire amongst the cornfields. A man in an Aloha styled shirt and white silk pants is preaching to a group of people.

    Bray Wyatt: “It doesn’t take an idiot to see the world we live in. We are a society that has given itself away to monsters that make us believe what they want us to believe. Whether it is right or wrong, you people follow what these monsters lay out.

    "Many moons ago there was another man who wanted to save us and in doing so he gave his life. Sure people say that he was only a one off, there will never be another like him but I have news for you people… I am here to wash your brains of this said evil! Don’t fear, ladies and gentlemen for Bray Wyatt has arrived… And I am forever!”

    A tall man in a black singlet is revealed as Eli, escorts Bray Wyatt to a pickup truck. The people in the group all seem to be in a trance. Wyatt and Eli look at each other before they both laugh freakily.

Match 3: Johnny Curtis vs. Antonio Cesaro

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    Byron Saxton: “Well that was freaky, Dustin.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Yeah there’s some real nutters out there Byron. Anyways, our next contest should be a good one. We’ll take you back to what happened last week.”

    A clip plays of Antonio Cesaro kicking Johnny Curtis last week while he was on commentary. Johnny Curtis’ music hits and he gets little to no reaction. Antonio Cesaro makes his way down to the ring in a King’s cloak. He gets pretty decent heat from the fans.

    The bell rings and both men tie up; Cesaro with the power advantage backs Curtis into the corner. The ref separates the two and Curtis charges into a hard right boot by Cesaro. Quick cover by Cesaro, 1…2 – Curtis kicks out.

    Cesaro man handles Curtis to his feet and shoves him into the corner. He goes to attack but Curtis hit’s Cesaro with hard kicks to the mid-section and hits a hard running clothesline. Cover by Curtis, 1... – Cesaro powers out.

    Byron Saxton: “Wow! Powerful kick out by Cesaro!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Cesaro is a powerful man; Curtis is going to have a hard time putting him away tonight.”

    Curtis tries to lift Cesaro up but is cut off by a low shot. Cesaro grabs hold of Curtis’ tights and drives him into the turnbuckle. Curtis hits it hard and bounce back into a big release German Suplex by Cesaro! Cesaro lifts Curtis so he is seated on the mat and drives in a hard soccer-style kick. Cover by Cesaro, 1…2 – Curtis kicks out.

    Cesaro raises Curtis up again so he is seated and bounces off of the ropes. On the return he drives a European uppercut into the back of Curtis. Cesaro decides against going for the cover and raises Curtis to his feet by a front face lock. Cesaro lifts Curtis for a suplex and holds onto it for several moments.

    Byron Saxton: “God, Dustin look at the strength of Cesaro!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “I’m telling you, Byron, this guy is an animal!”

    Cesaro drops Curtis down hard and covers, 1…2 – Curtis kicks out again. Cesaro shouts something to the referee as he gets up. Cesaro pushes the referee into the corner and Curtis sluggishly gets to his feet. Curtis school-boys Cesaro, 1…2 – Cesaro rolls through nicely. Cesaro, angry now, hits a very stiff roaring European Uppercut almost knocking out Curtis.

    Cesaro picks up both legs of Curtis and locks him into a giant swing. Cesaro spins Curtis several times before letting go and sending Curtis across the ring. Cesaro, proud of himself, wipes his hands as he leans on the ropes looking at the fans.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Now that was impressive Byron. The guy is so dominant and he has no problem flaunting his dominance.” 

    Derrick Bateman, now in street clothes, stands on the stage looking on. Cesaro measures up Curtis and hits a hard bicycle kick. Curtis is out. Cesaro stalls for a few moments spotting Bateman. He turns his attention back to Curtis and lifts him by the Ricola Bomb position. Sit-out Ricola Bomb by Cesaro, 1...2…3! (8:34)

    Winner by Pinfall: Sir Antonio Cesaro!

    Byron Saxton: “Very, very impressive performance by Antonio Cesaro.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Yeah, right on, Byron, but I wonder what Bateman was doing out here!”

    We cut to commercial break as the camera zooms in on Bateman. 

Promo: Byron Saxton Makes a Few Announcements

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    When we return we are at ringside with Byron Saxton and Dustin Rhodes.

    Byron Saxton: “We are back live ladies and gentlemen and it has been exciting so far but next week business will pick up with a special three-hour NXT to crown a new WWE Television Champion. Superstars from NXT, Raw and Smackdown! will compete for the gold and by the end of the night we will have crowned a new Television Champion.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “It is going to be exciting and we learned during the break that here next week to host the tournament and unveil the new championship will be none other than Rob Van Dam!”

    Byron Saxton: “That is something to look forward to! Who knows a Television Championship better than the longest running ECW Television Champion! Also next week in a co-main event for the evening will be NXT’s own The Mighty Don’t Kneel taking on Raw’s Hart Dynasty.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “All that happens next week but tonight still to come is your NXT main event featuring the team of BJ Whitmer and Mike Dalton taking on the team of Leo Kruger and Damien Sandow!”

    Byron Saxton: “That is sure to be exciting! Coming up next, Alexander Rusov will go one on one with The Mighty Don’t Kneel’s Mikey Nicholls!”

Mikey Nicholls with Shane Haste vs. Alexander Rusev with Peter Orlov

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    Mikey Nicholls makes his entrance alongside partner Shane Haste. The two receive a decent enough reaction as make their way to the ring. Alexander Rusev makes his way to the ring alongside partner Peter Orlov, both men sporting the same tracksuit. We are shown clips from their tag match last week before the bell sounds.

    Rusev wastes no time in the tie up and drives hard knees into the upper body of Nicholls backing him up into the corner. Rusev tries to drive knees to the face of Nicholls but he covers up well. Nicholls reverses in the corner and hits Rusev with hard right hands. He bounces off of the ropes and ducks under a clothesline attempt from Rusev and he hits a standing dropkick that rocks the big man.

    Rusev manages to hold his footing and gets hit again with a nice standing dropkick. Rusev against the ropes now elevates Nicholls over but Nicholls lands on the apron. He tries to clothesline Rusev but Rusev ducks and hits Nicholls with a hard clothesline of his own dropping him in the apron.

    Byron Saxton: “Just look at the size of Alexander Rusev. Mikey isn’t a small guy by any means but Rusev is an animal!”

    Rusev pulls Mike into the ring by his head and hoists him over his shoulders. Running powerslam by Rusev, 1…2 – Mikey kicks out. Rusev mounts on Mikey and lays in hard right hands until the refs four count. Rusev showboats before he lands a standing senton on Mike. Cover by Rusev, 1…2 – Mike gets his shoulder up. Shane Haste on the outside slaps the apron to try and get Mikey back into the match.

    Rusev manhandles Mikey to his feet and he hoists Mikey up again on his shoulders but this time he spears him into the turnbuckle. Rusev hold Mikey on the corner and drives his shoulders in the midsection several times. Mikey drops do a knee and Rusev hits a belly to belly suplex with a pin, 1…2 – Mikey again kicks out.

    Dustin Rhodes: “Mikey showing fantastic resiliency! That’s the experience with the Japanese Strong Style wrestling coming into play.”

    Rusev raises Mikey to his feet by his eye and Mikey slaps Rusev away. Rusev charges at Mike but Mikey uses Rusev's own momentum to hit a spinning powerslam, Mikey hooks the leg, 1…- Rusev powers out. Mikey creates distance between himself and Rusev as Rusev gets up to booth knees. Mikey of the ropes hits a hard boot to the head that rocks Rusev.

    He charges at Rusev again and Rusev grabs Mikey around the neck with one hand. Mikey pulls down on the arm but it doesn’t work and Rusev still has a firm grip of the neck. Mikey kicks Rusev’s knee to try and get some release which works and Rusev lets go. Mikey off of the ropes again gets caught in an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rusev cover, 1…2 – Mikey kicks out again.

    Rusev looks angry as he throws Mikey into the turnbuckle. Rusev makes his way to the second rope and starts to hammer away on Mikey. Mikey manages to get his arms in between the legs of Rusev and powerbombs him. Moments pass before Mikey can make the cover, 1…2 – Rusev kicks out.

    Byron Saxton: “What a hard hitting battle between these two men. It has been so physical so far; do you think this will continue, Dustin?”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Of course, that’s the sort of style these compete with. It has made for an exciting contest so far!”

    Mikey doesn’t allow Rusev to create space as he attacks the big man with boots to the midsection. Rusev pushes Mikey away and Mikey charges at him only to be met by a huge forearm. The forearm knocks Mikey between the ropes, but that cause Mikey to bounce back and he hits Rusev with a roaring elbow! Mikey covers, 1…2 – Rusev kicks out.

    Mikey slowly makes his to the top rope awaiting Rusev to get to his feet. Mikey dives off with a crossbody but is caught by Rusev, Fall away slam by Rusev! He covers Mikey, 1…2 – Mikey kicks out! Orlov and Haste are jawing on the outside and this catches Rusev's attention. He walks over and shouts something to Haste. Mikey with a school boy, 1…2 – Rusev kicks out.

    Byron Saxton: “Man, oh man, what an exciting contest here Dustin!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Both men are giving it their all!

    Mikey measures up Rusev for the Death Valley Driver but can’t lift him Rusev now with a bell to back scissor on Mikey. Mikey elbows his way out and again tries to lift Rusev for the Death Valley Driver but instead turns it into a TKO. He makes the cover, 1…2…3! (11:14)

    Winner of the match by pinfall: Mikey Nicholls!

    Orlov enters the ring to check on Rusev and Haste celebrates the win with his partner up the entrance way.

    Before commercial we go up to the screen.

Promo: Ascension Promo

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    Conor O’Brian sits on a throne as Kenneth Cameron bathes the girl. Cameron says a prayer as he pours water from the cup onto the forehead of the girl.

    O’Brian raises and places his hand on the head of the girl. He sings something that is in a different language. The girl looks up and her eyes are plain white. Conor O’Brian laughs sadistically as we cut to commercial break. 

Main Event: BJ Whitmer & Mike Dalton vs. Damien Sandow & Leo Kruger

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    Byron Saxton: “Well we are back, Ladies and Gentlemen, coming off a very hard-hitting match up and another strange video package.”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Yeah there are a lot of strange things going on around here lately but with that said, let’s go to the ring and enjoy our main-event match.”

    BJ Whitmer’s music hits and he and Mike Dalton make their way to the ring to a very nice reaction. Dalton’s ribs are strapped up but he seems ready to go. Next out is Leo Kruger who’s shoulder is heavily strapped receives a hefty amount of boos that doesn’t seem to bother him at all.

    Finally, Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring. This week he is sporting a gold robe and is greeted with some solid heat also.

    The two teams talk strategy before deciding on the two that will start. The two starting will be BJ Whitmer and Leo Kruger.

    Byron Saxton: “Listen to these fans, Dustin, they wanna see these two go at it bad!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “They had a historic main event on our first show and the fans want more!”

    The fans are tapping hard on the ringside barricade and the bell rings. Both men tie up and BJ goes behind. Kruger locks BJ in a headlock and BJ pushes him off into the ropes and is met by a hard shoulder block. Kruger charges at the ropes BJ ducks under and on Kruger’s return hits him with a hard standing dropkick.

    The fans erupt in support of BJ. BJ stays on Kruger now with a headlock of his own raising him off of the mat. Kruger elbows his way out of the head lock and hits some stiff forearms rocking back Whitmer. He charges at Whitmer who hits him with a hard elbow. Cover by Whitmer, 1…2 – Kruger kicks out convincingly.

    Whitmer drags Kruger over to the corner and tags in Dalton. Dalton in charges at the ropes and on the return dropkicks Kruger whom is seated in the corner. Dalton covers Kruger, 1…2 – Kruger kicks out.

    Byron Saxton: “So far, BJ and Dalton have been so dominant; can they keep this up?”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Time will tell Byron, time will tell…”

    Dalton goes on the attack but Kruger smartly boots Dalton in the gut to aggravate the ribs and then decks him with a clothesline. Kruger makes a much needed tag to Sandow and Sandow rushes in.

    Sandow boots the back rib area of Dalton and drives his knee to the side of Dalton numerous times. Dalton tries to crawl away from Sandow but Sandow comes in off of the ropes with a hard soccer-style kick to drive the wind out of him.

    Sandow showboats a bit before continuing the assault on Dalton. Sandow raises Dalton to his feet only to hit a beautiful double underhook backbreaker. Cover by Sandow, 1…2 – Dalton kicks out. Sandow stomps away on Dalton before raising him to his feet. He backs up Dalton into the corner with chops and blatantly chokes him as Kruger tags himself in. 

    Kruger in boots Dalton to the midsection and then hits a running shoulder completely driving whatever wind Dalton had left out. Cover by Kruger, 1…2 – Dalton barely kicks out. BJ on the apron tries to get Dalton back into the match.

    Kruger smartly wraps his legs around Dalton in a body scissors and holds it tight. Dalton doesn’t have the energy to make it to the ropes and BJ realizes that.

    He comes in and kicks Kruger hard in the head numerous times to get him to release the hold. The referee gets BJ out of the ring but BJ has given his team hope.

    Byron Saxton: “Smartly done by BJ, he managed to separate the two and give his partner some time to regain energy.”

    Kruger still beats Dalton to his feet and tags Sandow back in. Dalton has his back to Sandow and just as he walks to make the tag Sandow picks him up in a back drop position and smartly turns Dalton and drops him into a modified backbreaker. Cover by Sandow, 1…2...BJ is in to break up the count.

    Sandow tags in Kruger. Kruger teases Dalton a bit by making out he is allowing him to tag before cutting him off. Dalton with a last gasp of energy tires to leap over Kruger. Kruger unable to hold Dalton due to his shoulder drops him into the tag. The fans erupt!

    BJ comes in with big time clotheslines. He drops Kruger several times before Sandow comes in. BJ spots Sandow and greets him with a hard knee to the midsection. BJ drops Sandow with a hard knee to the chest. Kruger uses the ropes to get up and BJ clotheslines him to the outside. BJ bounces on his feet and charges over the top rope with a beautiful flipping senton. The fans are going crazy.

    Byron Saxton: “It’s amazing how BJ can always hit that move so perfectly!”

    Dustin Rhodes: “Well it isn’t his first rodeo, to say the very least.”

    BJ up know shoves Kruger back in the ring. BJ makes the cover, 1…2 – Sandow breaks up the pin attempt. He stomps away at BJ before raising him to his feet. BJ slaps Sandow’s hands away and connects with a stiff roundhouse kick to the chest.

    Kruger smartly rolls up BJ from behind, 1…2 – BJ kicks out. Kruger hits a hard boot to the head of BJ knocking him flat. Cover by Kruger, 1…2 – BJ kicks out! Kruger tags in Sandow who measure up Whitmer. Sandow hits a hard running STO maneuver and makes the cover, 1…2 – BJ kicks out. The fans are really getting behind BJ.

    Sandow lifts BJ to his feet and positions him for the Fisherman Neckbreaker but BJ fights his way out of it. He turns Sandow into a beautiful Bridging Full Nelson Suplex, 1…2 – Sandow kicks out just as the ref was about to count the 3. BJ cannot believe Sandow kicked out. BJ tags in Dalton and Dalton goes to work on Sandow. Dalton raises Sandow into the nice Northern Lights suplex with a bridge, 1…2 – Kruger comes in to make the save.

    BJ rushes in and takes out Kruger. Both men are now fighting on the outside trading strikes. Dalton slowly lifts Sandow and Sandow elbows him hard in the gut. Fisherman Neckbreaker connects by Sandow! Dalton after the effects of the Neckbreaker rolls to his stomach. Sandow showing great strength with a dead lift German suplex! 1…2…3! (12:22)

    Winners of the match by Pinfall: Damien Sandow and Leo Kruger!

    BJ Whitmer and Leo Kruger brawl all the way to back and Sandow stands tall on the middle turnbuckle. He makes motions of a title around his waist signaling the Television Championship is his to close the show.


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    And that's a wrap!

    What's going to happen next week after an extremely exciting third episode? There is no need to rate the show out of 10 as it is not part of the WWE brand extension, but please do comment so Raffaele Spano (the NXT writer) can learn more of your opinions and what he should improve on.

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