2008 NFL Season: In Review

Benji ZeledonContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

Finally—the year has come to a close.

So what happens now? We just simply look back.

Yes, people are going to complain about so many thing about this year and figure why it wasn't so good. They will point to the Patriots slumping, and never really any big lead teams.

But do we need that? What we had was something that does not happen with dominance— we had parity. We had what the NFL has dreamed of with a salary cap—an unpredictable year! A perfect year! Everything fit perfectly!

Rick Reily stated that we had the perfect sports year. This is ultimately true, considering we had one of the greatest NFL seasons in the league's history. We had the perfect losers in the Detroit Lions, the perfect comeback kids in the Miami Dolphins and their tossed out quarterback and their Hollywood-worthy underdog story.

Did anyone see Patriots quarterback Tom Brady getting hurt in the first game? No.

Did anyone see Jets quarterback Brett Favre coming back to the NFL? No.

That is what happened though. Did anyone see the Cardinals making the Super Bowl and almost winning the whole damn thing? No.

We had bad calls that made seasons, turmoil and soap operas in Dallas. You can't forget the collapses that were beyond recognition in Denver, Buffalo, and Tampa. We had a team rise to the challenge in Philadelphia and we had rookies turn to stars.

Would this year happen with Brady? Would we have been praising Cassell or Pennington if he where around? Probably not, but that is what made this year perfect.

We had all these story lines, and looking back we should feel blessed. Years like this never happen, and we just had it happen to each of us.

I salute you NFL. Thank you for a perfectly amazing 2008 and lets hope like this year's Super Bowl, 2009 can trump it!