WWE: Reasons Why Monday Night Raw Has Lost Its Edge

Amber Gibbs@ame_MaceyCorrespondent IIMarch 27, 2017

WWE: Reasons Why Monday Night Raw Has Lost Its Edge

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    For the past few weeks, many have found it tough to keep the channel tuned to USA. The WWE's spearhead, Monday Night Raw, seems to be lacking the excitement that had everyone buzzing after Wrestlemania.

    Recently, John Cena leaked information about Monday Night Raw becoming a three-hour program starting in the middle of summer. With this news, a lot of people are skeptical about whether this was the right move for the organization.

    I, along with other people in the WWE Universe, think that the time extension may be a blow to an already strained program. Evidence of that was clear in this past week's episode of RAW, where I noticed some bold reasons why RAW has lost its anticipated edge.

Time Use

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    Big Show has gotten caught several times making fun of John Laurinaitis' voice by executive administrator Eve. Show has had to apologize to both Eve and Johnny, but last week was his last straw. Johnny threatened to fire the Big Show if he didn't give a convincing apology. 

    That segment ended with Big Show giving a speech about his love for the company and sport, followed by him getting on his knees and begging for another chance.

    That didn't work and Johnny Ace fired the Big Show.

    What went wrong with this dramatic firing?

    Big Show is a beloved piece of WWE royalty, but there is no way that this segment should have taken over 15 minutes. Honestly, it was a waste of time. It didn't give anything to the show, and it certainly took away a lot of time that could have been used for matches or building another superstar.


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    Brock Lesnar's storyline has taken a break, leaving Paul Heyman to be his mouthpiece. But between Triple H botching his storyline injury and Laurinaitis trying to play the big fish, there is a sense of intensity and excitement missing from the Monday Night Raw program.

    Where's the direction?

    The only people who know are the Creative Team and Vince. But that doesn't excuse leaving the WWE Universe clueless. With Brock missing in action for the time being, RAW is missing a huge part of the content that made Monday nights interesting again.

Not Vince

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    John Laurinaitis has made it his duty to be, what some may call, a carbon copy of Vince McMahon. He has even hired Eve to be the awfully annoying assistant and Theodore Long to be his reluctant yes man, along with his legal adviser, David Otunga.

    He's even gone as far as to pick a feud with the company's biggest superstar, John Cena. But with all of those things combined, Johnny Ace is still sucking the life from Monday nights.

    Why is John Laurinaitis unsuccessful?

    It's already been done before and "People Power Era"  is no "Attitude Era." The WWE Universe has seen this before, not to mention this version is duller than Johnny Ace's voice tone. The "People Power Era" comes in even further behind the "Ruthless Aggression Era." If Bishoff wasn't TNA, I'd say bring him back.

Role Reversal

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    Has anyone noticed that CM Punk and John Cena have switched roles?

    A few months ago, CM Punk was the designated foe for Laurinaitis. Now, Cena has all of a sudden taken that role. This past Monday, Cena had a conversation with Laurinaitis full of sarcasm and jokes that barely hit, although the audience seemed to like it.

    Why the switch?

    CM Punk as the rebel is realistic, especially since he had purpose. Cena as the rebel, not really. Cena is the highest grossing superstar in the WWE, I highly doubt any of the big wigs would have an issue with him being the face of the company, especially if it's good for business.