Cris Cyborg: The Best Female MMA Fighter in the World

Matt RandallCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

Gina Carano may be the face of women’s Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), but Cris Cyborg is its heart and soul.

Born Cristiane Santos, Cyborg fights out of her home country of Brazil and out of the same camp as such legends as Wanderlei Silva, the Rua Brothers, and Anderson Silva.

Even though the Chute Boxe Academy may have lost some of the most feared strikers in the world, their impact has left a message on fighters everywhere. Their patented trademark of vicious strikers, who love to be aggressive, finish fights early, and have some of the best killer instincts in the world, can no longer only be attributed to the men of the academy.

Cyborg does not lack any of these traits.

She may not be an American Gladiator, and she may not have Super Bowl commercials, but she is the best female MMA fighter in the world right now.

Cyborg is currently 6-1. Suffering her first loss, four years ago, in her  professional debut, due to a leg lock. She has since won six in a row, with four of them coming by TKO.

Cyborg’s next fight will be on February 27 against Marloes Coenen (16-2,) which will be the toughest fight of her career. Coenen is a veteran who has 10 wins by submission and two by TKO.

Cyborg will be looking to cement her name as the best of the best in women’s MMA.

It seems like only matter of time before Cyborg will get to face Carano, which would more than likely be the most anticipated fight in women’s MMA history.

To be honest, the hype around Careno might be a bit more than she deserves, although she does boast an impressive 7-0 record.

Some might say she does not fight the toughest opponents. While others would be quick to point out how incredible her muay thai is.

Careno may possess some great technical skills, but she would have to fall second to Cyborg. 

Cyborg's stand-up is not only technical, but also powerful and ferocious. She doesn’t let up her attack until the fight is over or her opponent is lying on the mat, wondering what happened.

Cyborg may not be the face of women’s MMA yet, but eventually she will be. A fight between her and Careno would not only be the most anticipated women’s MMA fight to date, but will change skeptic's views.

I cannot wait until these two women get to unleash on each other in the cage. It will finally let Cris Cyborg get the recognition she deserves as the best female fighter in the world, allowing us to see how much this sport has evolved over time.