Word Life Vol. 6: The Greatest WWE Champion In Smackdown History

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 2, 2009

Hello B/R—I just can't seem to stop writing.

I'll continue on the latest volume of Word Life, inspired by John Cena of course.

I have a question for you guys:

Who is the greatest WWE champion in Smackdown history? In case you don't know who that is in my cartoonish article picture, it's JBL.

Yes, JBL. The same man who was one half of the APA tag team with Ron Simmons aka Faarooq. The same man who used to have long black sleek hair and played poker in the back while smoking cigars. The same man who sold out, packed his bags and headed for Wall Street.

If you can dig into your memories and rewind time, you'll remember a time period in Smackdown when JBL was WWE champion. It was around 2004-2005, I believe. He held the title for nearly a year.

Truth be told, he wasn't this out-of-shape, sloppy JBL we have now—he was a great champion. He had power—presidental power. He took Smackdown's office before Barack Obama took the United States office.

He had his stable dubbed the Cabinet. They contained the Co-Secretaries of Defense the Basham Brothers, a tag team. The other member was the his Chief of Staff, Orlando Jordan.

Even though his stable was horrible, JBL had became the WWE champion after defeating Eddie Guerrero at Judgement day via DQ. Kurt Angle was general manager then with a paralysed gimmick in wheelchair. Anyway, Angle reversed the decision since Eddie retained by DQ and gave the title to JBL—thus began the reign of the WRESTLING GOD!

The deadman was the first to eye JBL's title and this is when he hired Orlando Jordan. The match between the two for the championship took place at Summerslam. JBL won by DQ and then was chokeslammed through the roof of his limo..ouch. JBL was still going strong though. He had a neck brace and continued his dominance of Smackdown.

Amy Webber, a Diva search reject, soon joined JBL's cabinet and became his image consultant. Booker-T, Eddie Guerrero, and Undertaker were all defeated back to back by JBL, until all three of them were defeated as the same time in a fatal four-way match at Armageddon 2004.

JBL practically had Smackdown in his clutches and just seemed to just escape as champion every encounter that came his way. He even went on to defeat Kurt Angle and Big Show in a triple-threat match for the WWE championship at the Royal Rumble, despite being speared through the barricade by Big Show.

Almost a year had passed with JBL still champion. He could not, would not lose. Big Show got a one-one shot at the WWE championship in the first ever Barbed Wire Steel Cage match at No Way Out. Nowhere to climb, JBL constantly tried to escape through the door and Big Show kept attacking him.

The big man wasn't going down and JBL saw his title flash before his eyes when JBL chokeslammed him through the ring. Big Show exited the Cage through the door. To his surprise, JBL had crawled out from the bottom of the ring before Big Show got off the steel steps and JBL retained.

Only Wrestlemania 21 stood in the way of him reaching a year of his title reign. However, this would be the biggest challenge JBL ever faced—John Cena. The doctor of thuganomics was as hungry as ever and determined to impeach JBL.

The two faced off and it was a really great match that I had overlooked. Cena had defeated JBL, earned his first WWE championship and went over with fans so much, he became WWE's most prominent thug turned face. Regardless of the defeat of JBL it was a bittersweet moment.

I had to see JBL finally lose, which I didn't want yet, and yet it was great to see a new WWE champion in almost a year. He still is the longest reigning champion in Smackdown champion lasting 280 days.

Think next time you see a sign saying "Just a Big Loser" or something and think to yourself "who's the greatest WWE champion in smackdown history"?

The answer is JBL.