Tampa Bay Buccaneer Brian Price Will Turn Tragedy into Triumph

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMay 18, 2012

Brain Price will now take on fatherhood.
Brain Price will now take on fatherhood.J. Meric/Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneer defensive tackle Brian Price is about to become a father. It wasn't something he planned on, but cruel fate closed one door, yet it opened another.

Price is no stranger to family tragedy.

At the age of 10, his 18-year-old brother Eddie was murdered in what was considered a "drive-by" shooting.

When he was 15, his brother Damon, then 24, was shot and killed.

Now Price has had to face the death of his sister, Bridget, who died from injuries she sustained in an automobile accident last week. She left behind Brian's two nephews who are seven and nine-years-old.

"He's planning to adopt those two boys," Price's agent, Charles Price, told Buccaneer beat writer Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune. "I've actually been assisting him with some of the legal stuff on that. Again, that's just the kind of guy his is."

If Greg Schiano wants a new poster guy for a "Buccaneer Man," then he need look no further than his defensive tackle who was a standout at UCLA—something that might not have happened had Price not overcome the previous tragedies in his young life.

Price will have a lot on his plate this season. He's still recovering from his pelvic surgery and now he'll take on fatherhood. The boys will stay with Price's mother until the school year is finished out in California. Then they'll be coming to Tampa for their new life.

Balancing fatherhood along with life in an NFL training camp is no easy task.

When you look at the photo of his young life, nothing has been easy for Price.

The one thing that does come easy is the way he fits Schiano's description of a "Buccaneer Man."

Brain Price may or may not become an All-Pro defensive tackle, but when you look at how he's handling this latest tragic moment in his life, he's well on his way to life as an All-Pro dad.