Citi storm still out there

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IFebruary 2, 2009
I'd love to write about a baseball game or an interesting transaction, but there continues to be nothing happening so all I have for you is tales of naming rights.
Newsday is on the change the name kick.
It's easy to call it something else.  It's even easy to take the big letters down.  Isn't there a Citi logo on the end of half of the seat rows?  That sounds like a lot.
And if not Citi what should they call it?   Mets Field?  Jackie Robinson The Dodger Stadium?  Ebbetts Field? 
I'd love New Shea, but we'll wind up in Gatorade Stadium in a few years anyway.   Might as well keep the Citi name but allow them to restructure the deal so they don't have to pay the Mets right now.


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