Pittsburgh Steelers Come Up Big In Super Bowl—But Did They Deserve It?

Matt CameronContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

The Steelers came up big Sunday night, winning the Super Bowl. But did they outplay the Cardinals?

First off, let me say I am a Browns' fan, so I hate the Steelers.

But the Super Bowl could have, and should have, been won by Arizona. For example, the refs coached horribly and made horrible calls.

Possibly the worst one was the last call of the game, as the Cardinals were driving with just seconds left. Whatever happened to the automatic booth review inside two minutes of play?

Why wasn't that rule enforced or played out here? As I look over the play on ESPN, it's becoming more obvious that Kurt Warner's arm was going forward, and therefore, that was not a fumble. They never took a second look at it. Even Al Michaels said after the play...something like, "They're going to take a good, long look at this one." 

They never did. Arizona would have had one play left, and who knows? Coulda been the game winner.

Another big penalty they missed was when Santonio Holmes scored the big touchdown in the fourth quarter putting them ahead of the Cardinals, and eventually led to them winning the game.

Someone was telling me that using the ball as a prop in a celebration is a penalty. In case you missed it, Santonio did a LeBron James, with the ball as a prop. This could have been a big 15 yard penalty on the kick off for Arizona's last drive of the game, and put them that much closer to a win.

James Harrison, No. 92 for the Steelers, also should have been kicked out of the game, but it wouldn't have mattered either way. On the Cardinals' punt, he took down a Cardinal lineman and literally punched him, and you can't say it wasn't intentional, because it was.

Santonio Holmes was the Super Bowl MVP, congrats to him. He played a good game.
But..if they could give the MVP award to the losing team, I think Kurt Warner or Larry Fitzgerald each had better games than Holmes did. Minus the 100-yard interception
Warner threw, he played a pretty much perfect game.

So I guess in conclusion, Arizona really played the better game here. If Kurt was a little smarter with the ball at the end of the first half, this game would be Arizona's. Pittsburgh didnt outplay Arizona...I think maybe that the refs determined the outcome of this game and they will probably be blamed by a lot of angry Arizona fans.
Give me some feedback on what you guys think. Thanks.