WWE Over the Limit 2011: Top 10 Moments from Last Year's Event

Justin WatrySenior WriterMay 17, 2012

WWE Over the Limit 2011: Top 10 Moments from Last Year's Event

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    Over the Limit was a quality show last year. WWE had a couple of memorable "wrestling" matches. They also continued the trend of giving new talents a chance to shine.

    If I had to give WWE a grade here, I would fall in the B range. It was a nice pay-per-view, but I don't think it will stand the test of time.

    What were the highlights? Let's find out!

10. Tag Titles

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    Big Show and Kane were the champions. Their challengers were CM Punk and Mason Ryan of the New Nexus. Yes, that was the team.

    The match was less than 10 minutes, and the champs retained. Mason Ryan took the pinfall loss as Punk slowly moved away from the stable.

    His summer was about to begin...

9. Brie Bella Wins

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    Brie Bella vs. Kelly Kelly was the Divas Championship contest.

    It was the usual match from these two. Twin Magic was used, and the champion kept the title. Her reign would not last much longer; a year later, the two are out of the company.

    Kelly Kelly is still the face of the division in 2012.

8. Kiss My Foot

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    Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole finally ended their feud. It was excellent up to WrestleMania, but it quickly dropped in quality.

    The loser at Over the Limit had to kiss the winner's foot.

    Thankfully, Lawler won in decisive fashion. After the match, Eve, and Jim Ross got revenge on Cole for his actions over the past few months.

    The big conclusion was Bret Hart appearing to make Cole kiss Lawler's foot. It was a nice play on history, and the crowd loved this.

7. Zeke vs. Wade

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    Wade Barrett was the Intercontinental Champion.

    He defended the title against Ezekiel Jackson. Of course, he was a former member of the Corre, but that group was imploding each week.

    With the match set for Over the Limit, you knew it was going to be interesting to watch.

    Before long, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel interfered. We were treated to a disqualification ending on pay-per-view, and Wade kept the belt.

6. Ezekiel Jackson

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    WWE was giving Big Zeke a lot of attention last year.

    Many were upset over that, but I didn't mind. He was given the Intercontinental Title shortly after this event, and he had his chance to impress.

    Sadly, he did not do anything.

    I never fault the company for giving somebody new an opportunity. Some risks will pay off, while others will not. This did not work.

5. Cara vs. Chavo

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    Sin Cara's first major feud was with Chavo Guerrero.

    It was a perfect fit for both men. Cara needed a solid heel to work with, and Chavo has been doing nothing for a long time.

    Of course, Cara won after a few missteps—problems always seems to arise during his matches. 

    A few weeks later, Chavo was released (he says by request). He did the predictable (and laughable) "bitter employee" rants for awhile.

    A year later, he is doing nothing, while Sin Cara hopes to return from injury and prove his critics wrong.

4. Truth Pins Mysterio

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    As history tells use, R-Truth was next in line for a WWE Championship shot.

    Rey Mysterio was doing nice work for the Red Brand, however, it was time for him to lose a few matches. He did just that at Over the Limit.

    As clean as can be, Truth pinned Mysterio to continue his great momentum from turning heel and talking about Little Jimmy every week.

    It made the most sense.

3. Feud of the Year

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    There were a few options for feud of the year in 2011.

    Near the top of the list had to be Randy Orton vs. Christian for the World Title. Most know the story by now, but it needs repeating.

    Christian won his first World Title (TNA doesn't count) at Extreme Rules. His entire fanbase was beyond excited and (for some reason) thought it would be some sort of epic reign.

    The very next SmackDown, Orton beat him for the title.

    Predictably, the reaction was negative. When is it not?

    Just like Daniel Bryan losing in less than a minute at WrestleMania, it was the right decision.

    Christian and Orton had many great matches for the title, but they may have had their best at Over the Limit. Orton was always going to leave the feud as champion, but it was a fun ride.

    Both men brought it, and Captain Charisma had the best year of his entire career.

2. Orton vs. Christian

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    The highlights do not do this match justice.

    Their feud was just getting started, but it may have peaked here. The crowd was with them all the way, and Christain looked like a million bucks in a losing effort. The handshake after the match was the icing on the cake.

    Despite the loss, he was not ready to move on just yet. A full blown heel turn later on would continue this story, but Over the Limit really deserves praise.

    If you buy this DVD, make sure it is for this one match. It really is that good folks!

1. I Quit Main Event

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    John Cena was the new WWE Champion.

    After nearly six month of The Miz holding the title, it was time to move on. With Alex Riley by his side, they had a ready made feud for those two.

    First, the Miz and Cena feud needed a conclusion.

    With the face (almost always) set to stand tall in the end, an "I Quit" stipulation was perfect. Cena had the same match with Batista a year prior and saw great results.

    For this main event, Miz beat Cena down for the majority of the match. If you have not seen this match, just think of Brock Lesnar destroying Cena a few weeks ago at Extreme Rules.

    He was in control the entire time. At one point, he even taunted some (planted) kids in the front row. Every time Cena would try to come back, Alex Riley would be right there to help out.

    The ending came when Riley used his cell phone to produce Cena yelling "I Quit!" Of course, it was very obvious the sound was simply a recording and quickly noticed by the referee.

    After the referee restarted the match, it was only a matter of time before Cena made Miz quit. It was a wild ride, and the crowd was given a satisfying ending to a nice show.

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