WWE's Worst Match of the Week: Big Show vs. Kane on Monday Night Raw (May 14)

Drake OzSenior Writer IIMay 17, 2012

Several weeks back, The Great Khali faced Kane in a match on Monday Night Raw that ranks as one of the worst matches in the history of the show. Following that absolute disaster, I stated that I never wanted to see these two wrestle again and that I never wanted to see a big man versus big man match involving either Kane or Khali ever again either. 

I thought that the WWE had granted my wish be keeping Khali off of TV since then and by toning down Kane’s presence on TV as well. 

Turns out I was totally wrong. 

On this week’s, Raw, the WWE—for some godforsaken reason—decided to have Big Show face Kane one-on-one for what has to be at least the 496th time. 

Seriously, though, anybody got an official count on that? 

Anyway, Big Show and Kane were only given a few minutes, but they managed to make me rip my hair out of my head the entire time that they were “wrestling.” 

This was awful. Atrocious. Horrible. Terrible. Horrendous. 

For two people who have been in the ring together so often, Show and Kane have little to no chemistry, and their matches are always slow, sloppy and short. I don’t mind them mind being short, but I could do without the slow and sloppy part. And to be honest, slow and sloppy might be putting things too mildly. 

This wasn’t really a match so much as it was an angle that allowed John Laurinaitis to screw Big Show over. But even that didn’t work out very well because it resulted in Kane giving Show what was probably the weakest chokeslam of all-time. 

Please, WWE, I’m begging you to never make this match happen again—or any match involving Show, Kane, Khali and/or another big man, for that matter. 

Show vs. Kane wasn’t good 12 years ago. Why would it be good now?


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