Early Breakdown of Jose Aldo vs. Chan Sung Jung

Gregory ChaseCorrespondent IMay 17, 2012

photo from mmafighting.com
photo from mmafighting.com

With an impressive win over Dustin Poirier, Chan Sung Jung has made quite the statement for himself in the Featherweight division of the UFC. Now on a three-fight win streak, “The Korean Zombie” has his sights set on taking out Jose Aldo, the current 145 lbs champ. 

This is not only his third win in a row, but his third impressive win. The first was the UFC’s first ever Twister submission, and the second was the second-fastest knockout in the UFC’s history. To top it off, he now has added a D’arce choke following an incredible battle with Poirier. 

Jose Aldo will be facing Erik Koch at UFC 149, so in order for this matchup to happen, Aldo must retain his title against Koch, who is riding a four-fight win streak. Since it is hard to bet against the champ, especially Aldo, let’s assume he keeps his belt for this purpose. 

In the blue corner you have Jung, who has shown his dynamic and diverse set of skills and is willing to put everything he has into his fights. He is great on the ground, and does not mind slugging it out on the feet. Appropriately nicknamed “The Korean Zombie”, Jung will take punishment and keep pressing forward. While his style is sluggish at time, it creates an unorthodox style that is not typically expected. 

In the red corner you have Aldo, who has proven time and time again his athleticism and explosive strikes. His leg kicks are lethal, and he is quick to throw unorthodox strikes himself. While he is a black belt in BJJ, he has not needed to use his ground game too often. Most of his finishes come by way of his hands or knees. Ranked high in the pound-for-pound lists, Aldo reigns supreme over his division and has shown very little sign of losing his belt anytime soon. 

Jung may have not yet faced an opponent like Aldo, but his unique style and versatility could pose a problem for Aldo. Typically, the technique would win, but having an opponent that does not fight like everyone else, sometimes can cause issues for even the best of fighters. It is like when you play a video game you are very good at and the person you are playing against is so non-technical, it actually works for them a little. 

If Jung can get this fight to the ground, he is clever and quick enough to find a submission. If this stays on the feet, Jung could very well have a short night. Jung has been knocked out cold from a vicious head kick before, and that was an experience that had him rethinking his life path. One thing is almost certain, and that’s you will probably see some knees thrown in this fight. Flying knees are no stranger to either man’s repertoire, and doing so quickly. 

This fight will be an interesting style matchup, since while both are technical, but Jung is in a much more relaxed and awkward way. Aldo will want to use his quickness and legs for this matchup, and Jung will look to get in close and take him down. If this fight does get made, it will be a big seller, since both men are very popular and very talented. This fight has tremendous “fight of the night” potential.

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