When Will WWE Learn? Latest Rumor Isn't a Good Sign for WrestleMania 25

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 2, 2009

What is wrong with WWE?

They saw Batista, one of their top draws go down to an hamstring injuring requiring surgery so he'll miss Wrestlemania 25. That might have been a blessing in sky for all we know because we don't know how RAW would be right now had he not been injured. I'm not sure Orton would have even punted Vince McMahon. Christian becomes a no-show and we all get punked...not CM punk.

Speaking of Punk, Jeff hardy got the CM punk treatment and lost his title he fought to get for so long. Matt Hardy, Jeff's brother is to thank for this. We're now on the heels of brother vs brother, Hardy vs Hardy feud. That opens the door for big nose (Triple H) and it looks like he'll be hunting down Edge in no time.

Unless something major happens at No Way Out's Elimination Chamber match, it looks like Triple H vs Edge is slated for Wrestlemania 25. I don't love that idea, but I don't hate it, either. I'll just watch it, I suppose.

Hopefully it's good enough for the anniversary if that's the match they'll go with. It's only a matter of time before Edge started feuding with Triple H for messing with his wife Vickie. If she's not happy, neither is Edge because he can't get what he wants.

Back on the RAW side, JBL and HBK looks locked and the two will face off at Wrestlemania 25, unless something happens at No Way Out. Undertaker vs HBK or JBL vs HBK? WWE has not even put up a little fog or cloudy weather to at least have little doubt that Cena will lose. Rey, Kofi, and Knox? Only one who can stop him is Chris Jericho.

Speaking of Jericho, he was close to being wasted at Wrestlemania. WWE reached out to Golden Globe winner actor Mickey Rourke who starred in "The Wrestler" to compete at Wrestlemania.

I hated this idea from the inception. Jericho's great mic skills and in-ring abilities were about to go all to waste as the angle went further. Jericho called Rourke out on RAW after Rourke trash talked about him on the SAG awards red carpet. Then the two collided on Larry King Live.

Shortly after the greatest thing happened...the deal caved in. Rourke pulled out of Wrestlemania in the words of his publicist. He probably didn't want to hurt is Oscar chances.

WWE tried to deny the rumors but ultimately gave in and confirmed that Rourke will no longer wrestle Jericho. That was a close one. Batista is out like I stated before, don't waste Jericho like that.

Now Orton not only got the push of a life time and a Royal Rumble victory but he's getting tons of hype right now. He's WWE's hottest superstar right now and he has to be in an epic match at Wrestlemania 25. Shane McMahon was the consequence for Orton punting Vince instead of being fired.

I was hoping Orton would side with Stephanie but everyday that passes by it seems less likely. Rumor has it that Stone Cold might be having his final match after all. Its supposedly Orton and the Legacy versus Shane McMahon and Stone Cold himself.

What is going on?! This better not be true. We've seen this before at MSG. Wrestlemania 20 Evolution vs Rock and Sock connection. That was alright because Evolution's leader Triple H was in the main event while Orton, Flair, and Batista took care of the dirty work.

Orton's talents would be wasted and would have his pushed completely reversed. Orton needs to be in an one on one match. Why not an Austin vs Orton rumor? That would be a better match though I still wouldn't prefer it. Austin is way to good for a tag match too. If he goes out, it has to be with a bang and this rumor is far from it.

I love Austin, I really do. He's No. 1 on my all-time greats list, but if this is the best WWE has, he needs to sit out just like Rourke. With all that seems to be going on, Wrestlemania looks pretty average this year.

They have two months! I've said that in every Wrestlemania article I've written! They go back to the drawing board and this is the best they come up with? I don't want to get ahead of myself because its a rumor, but what if its true? They keep rushing into things.

I knew the road the Wrestlemania was rocky, but Damn! This is too much. It is the 25th anniversary and they might have tons of pressure on them, so they I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.