WrestleMania 25: Is It Going to Be Up There with the Best?

Stone Roses ReuniteContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

Is this Wrestlemania really going to stand the test of time?

Here is my quick opinion on all things Wrestlemania related (from the Smackdown Brand. I'll do a Raw one sometime after). This is my first article on Bleacher Report, and I've decided to just sum up my thoughts in simple fashion. I'm not a seasoned writer and perfectionist either. All feedback is welcome.


OK, first things first.


1. Hardy Feud

It's been done before a long time ago, before both guys created their more individual characters. I know people have been talking about the return of Christian and a possible Hardy Boys and Edge/Christian feud in the future. Who knows? Maybe Matt's heel turn was done so a fatal four-way TLC match could be set up for Wrestlemania. I know I'd love to see it, but I know that WWE probably won't head down that line.

I think it'll be a let down if Jeff spends his Wrestlemania spot against his brother. Jeff is the most popular star between both brands at the moment and shoving him in non-title match against (let's face it) a lesser card wrestler is a waste. This feud has a month and a bit to build into something special. Hopefully, both Hardys are entered into the Elimination chamber, so they put on a show and win me over.

Another point I'd like to make, which probably won't come to anything if I remember correctly, Matt still didn't admit to doing the other stuff to Hardy (pyros, car crash, etc.) Hopefully another jealous past aquatince will rear his head and give me this four-way TLC I dream of.

2. HHH Vs. Edge

Ok, it more than likely looks like HHH is going to face Edge at Wrestlemania this year. If this happens I suspect he'll go over because I doubt they'll have two heels win at Wrestlemania. (I'll get to that later.)

Hunter is a safe bet. Him and Edge can put on a great match. I just hope there isn't long left in the whole Vickie/Edge storylines. She isn't good at TV and the evil GMs been done well too often for WWE. Anyway, I think they should've kept the belt on Edge from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania to built this match. (Thus, maybe giving Jeff the opportunity to capture his first title at a more presticious event and have a longer run in the future.)

I think HHH at this stage of the game (pun intented) is up there at the top. He's not at Michael's and Undertaker's level of credibility, but he's above Cena, Orton, etc. Most of his young fans probably don't remember his brilliant heel feuds with Austin, Rock, and Mick Foley. I personally prefer him when he was a heel, and at the moment, he just reminds me of an almost 'dark' Hulk Hogan. If any other superstar was forced down the fans throats so much, they'd probably be the next Stone Cold in terms of popularity.

Edge is a great character. He's great at the moment, though I feel he'd do just as well if not better if they bury the whole Vicki angle. He's solid in the ring and can pull a promo just as good as anyone in the WWE, if not better.

3. The Undertaker and Kosolov

Streak against streak at 'mania. This one could happen. Let's face it, Shawn isn't going to retire two superstars in a row, and I can see Undertaker being around for another year. (I'd stick around and try and make as much money before retirement anyway.)

Undertaker is going to win his match at mania this year. I can't see him being in a title matchup. Three years in a row would be a bit much even though I'd prefer it over Hunter. However, Undertaker has proven to be unselfish in the past, and HHH...well, he's a McMahon.

Kosolov is being built to be unstoppable, maybe he might find a new way to enter the Elimination chamber, and Undertaker will cause him his first pinfall. Thus, setting up a Wrestlemania situation. It won't be much but in the past Undertaker has had some pretty predictable matches. (A-Train and Bigshow, Boss Man, etc.)

Perhaps, WWE will just give him one of these before they can think of his big send off. I can't see this match being pretty if it does happen so hopefully I'm wrong.

4. The Big Show

Just have him job to Mickey Rourke. I like the guy; he's better than Khali anyway. I don't know what the big guy could get up to, but I just don't want to see a guy like Chris Jericho throw away his Wrestlemania spot in a publicity stunt.