UFC 94: A Vaseline Smear Job

Mitch WilesContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

B.J. Penn has allegedly filed a complaint with the Nevada State Athletic Commission against Georges St. Pierre's cornerman Phil Nurse for rubbing Vaseline on Pierre's chest, shoulders, and back between rounds.

Rubbing Vaseline on your body is illegal in MMA.

Breakdown of the Incident

End of Round No. 1: Nurse applies Vaseline to GSP's face. He then rubs GSP's chest, shoulders, and back. Nurse should have wiped his hands off with a towel before touching GSP's body.

End of Round No. 2: Nurse applies Vaseline to GSP's face. He then rubs GSP's chest, shoulders, and back. A Commission Officer observes this and yells at Nurse. The Officer then wipes GSP's back off with a towel.

End of Round No. 3: Nurse can be seen rubbing GSP's shoulders. A Commission Officer then wipes off GSP's back with a towel.

End of Round No. 4: B.J. Penn quits.

All of the above can be seen in the original feed of UFC 94.

Only at the end of Round No.1 could there be a case for illegal use of Vaseline. Phil Nurse's hands went from GSP's face to GSP's chest and then back to his face. It appeared that Nurse wiped his hands off on GSP's chest, this is illegal.

After massaging GSP's temples, Nurse would rub GSP's shoulders and back.

At this point, any leftover Vaseline would be minimal. Some analysts have reported that Nurse applied more Vaseline to his fingers before rubbing GSP's back, this is not true.

The original feed of UFC 94 supports my conclusion.

Phil Nurse had a reserve of Vaseline on the top of his left hand. At no time did Nurse remove Vaseline from the back of his hand and directly apply it to GSP's chest, shoulders, or back.

In my opinion, The Nevada State Athletic Commission took control of the incident in a timely manner.

The Commission made sure the fight was fair. Any attempt to smear GSP's victory, will be seen as an act of poor sportsmanship from B.J. Penn's corner.