Word Life Vol 5: Hey! I Want "COMPETITION"

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 2, 2009

Superstars in WWE usually get what they want. It's always been that way. Triple H with his stables, Austin with his revolts, The Rock with is smooth talking there's always a way.

Whether its sucking up to the GM, marrying a GM (Edge), punting people (Orton), hiring an employee (JBL), and so on. When superstars want answers, they get them. When they call out someone, they'll come...maybe.

However there's one guy who hasn't asked for much since he arrived on the WWE scene. Vladimir Koslov has only asked for one thing, and one thing only...COMPETITION!

Since is ECW days the Russian mauler whose headbutt does massive damage, has only wanted some competition. He's tired of squash matches, and frankly I'am too. He's undefeated...at least on WWE television, he's been pinned in a house show.

He also lost the triple threat World Heavyweight championship match at Survivor Series so isn't he defeated? He's never been pinned, but his defeated/undefeated record isn't my main point. Why does he constantly gets ignored? Maybe he should headbutt Vickie or something to send a message.

He doesn't speak proper English, but I think we all understand what the man is asking for right? He had an encounter with the Big Show and the Russian was finally going to get what he asked for, but Vickie ruined it. Koslov also tried to fight Triple H but Hunter always evens the odds with his trusty sledgehammer.

It's not a title shot; it's just a worthy opponent.

How much longer untill he snaps? People want Koslov to face Undertaker, they've even talked about a streak vs streak match. It's not as good as it seems...trust me. Koslov needs to get more prominent, whether its gaining tons of heat or getting pops. They're three problems with this:

1. He's lost already, so no streak vs streak.

2. He's somewhat technical but he's not that great to watch, and

3. WWE doesn't have that much trust in him to give him a match of that magnitude unless he shows a great improvement.

His mic skills are...I don't even know because all he says is "I want competition". How about he goes and headbutts Khali? He's a pushover anyway and I would like to see Khali try to squeeze Koslov's rock solid head. He shoud just forget about Triple H because its Wrestlemania season.

He'll turn his eyes, sledgehammer, and nose in the dircetion of the closest world championship which happens to be Edge's WWE championship. Koslov may still have some of that rookie rust on him. He has to realize just asking for things won't get you them.

I suggest he takes his wrecking ball head and bash it into someone's chest and send a message.

How do you think Orton got where he is today? I'll tell you he didn't hear voices, he was RKO'ing and killing every legend in sight. Koslov deserves competition but how bad does he want it? Not bad enough I suppose because he should be doing anything he can to get what he wants. Umaga wouldn't be a bad choice either.

Koslov get to know the superstars better so he'll no the good from the inferior and he can challenge wrestlers opposed to  waiting for someone to come along. Can Koslov even be social? I don't know maybe he can watch Dolph Ziggler and see how its done.

The elimination chamber is coming up at No Way Out, so Koslov might finally get that "competition" he's looking for. I hope he's apart of Wrestlemania 25. He isn't bad and if utilized the right way, he can have a great match. 

- I like these stylish cartoonish pics of wrestlers. Don't worry, I won't use them on all of my articles, just my Word Life volumes. Hope you had a great read.