Thirty Days And Counting to The Trade Deadline: A Look at Some Fantasy Trades

Kyle HollandCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

With the trade deadline coming up in 30 days time, I thought it'd be interesting to write about some fantasy trades that could happen and others that are just pure fantasy.

Scott Gomez to Minnesota for Marian Gaborik and a Conditional Draft Pick

This trade is purely fantasy. No one in the NHL wants to trade for Gaborik and would much rather wait for the offseason to sign him as an unrestricted free agent. Although since it's fantasy anyways, here are the stipulations: Gaborik agrees to sign a two-year contract extension worth $4 million annually but with incentives that can reach the $8-9 million he would be looking for on the open market.

One of the incentives would he plays over 75 games for once in his career. This trade works very well for both sides: One, Minnesota gets a player of equal worth. Two the New York Rangers rid themselves of the $7.6 million cap hit they have from Gomez for the next six seasons. While having large contracts to Redden, Rozsival, and Drury for the next four seasons combined is a large amount of money, nearing around $25 million for four players, all of whom aren't playing to their contract worth. New York also gets a high scoring winger, If Gaborik comes back from his surgery with little to no problems with his groin that's plagued him his entire career, he could post  up to 45 to 50 goals.

Jason Arnott to New Jersey Devils for Zubrus and Third and Fourth Round Draft Picks

Nashville isn't going to make the playoffs this year and since Nashville's future has been in jeopardy for the past several years that have seen them trade away or let players leave via free agency due to costs (Vokoun, Timonen, Zidlicky, Kariya, Hartnell, Upshall) Although this is unlikely because Arnott is under contract for another two years, the trade makes perfect sense in what the Devils have been doing this season: Going back into the past, in the offseason they signed Brian Rolston and Bobby Holik, both of whom were vital parts to past success in New Jersey. A couple weeks ago, they signed Brendan Shanahan to a deal bringing his career full circle. I'm surprised Lamoriello didn't try to snag Claude Lemieux from waivers when he was called up by San Jose.

Vincent Lecavalier to Montreal for a King's Ransom

Every has been hearing the rumors circling around the possibility of Lecavalier being traded to his home province in Montreal, unless you've been in cave with no Internet or you don't follow hockey. Either way, in order for this trade to take place involves many variables. Vinny would have to agree to the trade, even though his no-trade clause isn't effective until July. Management has said if they were to trade Lecavalier, they'd ask him permission and which team he'd like to be traded to.

Also, Bob Gainy while under pressure to win a cup in the Habs centennial year, would have to give up quite the package, probably a first and second round in the 2009 draft, second and fourth round in the 2010 draft, Thomas Plakanec, Chris Higgins, Matt D'Agostini and other prospects. When it comes down to it, it's not worth the price. The Habs should focus on adding a top four defense men and adding goaltending depth, maybe Kolzig.

Sidney Crosby to Atlanta for Ilya Kovalchuk, Slava Kozlov, and Eric Boulton

This trade will never happen. Pittsburgh will never ever trade away Sidney Crosby, they'll be determined to have him play out his career in Pittsburgh. Although in this trade, I think everyone wins. Ilya Kovalchuk is one of the most dangerous scorers and has never had a center to help him out since Savard left. Malkin and Kovalchuk could be a dangerous duo and Slava Kozlov adds nice needed scoring depth. Eric Boulton brings a physical presence that the Penguins have lacked all season. Atlanta gets a bona fide center to build its franchise around and the face of the NHL could bring back fans that have abandoned the team through it's poor play and it's poor management since it's existence.

Doug Weight to Columbus for Prospects and Drafts Picks

Sitting in last place, the Islanders will most likely be looking to dump some of its veteran talent to playoff-bound teams or teams looking to break through the bubble in exchange for young prospects and draft picks. Weight's career looked like it was over after last years performance that was split between St. Louis and Anaheim. This season, he looks rejuvenated, although he's missed some time with a lower leg injury he has 25 assists and 33 points in 39 games. Weight could be what Columbus needs to add scoring depth and power play help, Weight has 20 points on the man advantage so far this year. Despite his age, he is still a contributing play-maker and could help Rick Nash add a couple more tallies with his passing ability.

Denis Gauthier to Washington for Future Consideration Draft Picks

Washington has done a pretty good job continuing to win with the number of injuries to key players, especially on the back end. Heading down the stretch, the Capitals will be looking to either add another goaltender or defensive help on the blue line. They need a veteran stay at home defense-man to make a deep run into the playoffs. Gauthier, while not the best option, is one of the few defenders available. He was a part of the Calgary team that lost in Game 7 to Tampa Bay in 2004. He could add the physical presence and playoff experience the club is looking for.