The Best Super Bowl Commercials They Didn't Show

JerseySenior Analyst IFebruary 2, 2009

Those who watched yesterday's Super Bowl (which I'm not covering because we all saw it anyway) were privy to a Pepsi commercial featuring Will Forte's MacGyver-based character, MacGruber. However, if you hadn't seen Saturday Night Live the night before, you wouldn't be aware that the commercial was one of three.

MacGruber episodes come in groups of three, with the first one setting the theme for the trilogy, and the theme song's words changing slightly each time. So when the trio of Pepsi commercials aired during the SNL episode, viewers thought it was part of the show...until the actual Pepsi part came in.

It was a great move by Pepsi, because the commercials were hilarious to any regular SNL watcher, and this year's viewership is the highest it's ever been. The problem is that NBC aired only the second of the three commercials during the actual game. Thankfully for you guys, I watched SNL, and I knew of all three commercials, so I've taken the time to post them for you. I'm such a sweetheart!

So here are all three commercials, in order. Enjoy, kids!