Tiger Woods: 4 Reasons Tiger Is Sure to Revive His Career

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IMay 17, 2012

Tiger Woods: 4 Reasons Tiger Is Sure to Revive His Career

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    Tiger Woods is going to get his mojo back and start looking like his old self again in the near future.

    It may seem hard to believe after watching him hack the ball all over the course in the last couple of tournaments, but Woods is not going to shrivel up and die any time soon. He's a champion who's still in the prime of his career at the age of 36. 

    Woods has plenty of excellent golf left in him, and it's just a matter of time before he remembers where he lost his marbles and starts laying the smack down on Ricky Fowler, Rory McIlroy and the rest of the young guns out on tour who don't fear his name.

    Woods is ready to revive his career, and here are a few reasons why you should believe.

Swing Changes Take Time

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    Woods isn't comfortable right now when he stands over his ball. He's in the middle of his third major swing change, according to ESPN.com, and so far, he's still trying to get the hang of whatever it is he's angling for in the process.

    Hall of Famer Peter Alliss doesn't understand why Woods is determined to do this, according to the Orlando Sentinel: “It’s like Pavarotti saying, ‘I’m fed up being a tenor; I think I’m going to sing as a baritone.’ Land sakes. It’s as stupid as that, in my opinion."

    Woods has always marched to the beat of his own drum, though, and he handles his critics the same way he handles the autograph-seekers in the galleries—he just ignores them.

    Woods has his reasons for making this latest change, and if his victory at the 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational is any indication, he's not far off from recapturing our attention in a good way on Sundays out on the golf course.

Woods Doesn't Know the Meaning of the Word "Quit"

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    This picture represents a good portion of how Woods has achieved such gaudy success in the past. He practices, he practices, and then, he practices some more in order to fix the flaws in his game.

    Anyone who follows golf knows that Woods can be found on the driving range well before his round and almost always after his round during tournaments. He's the most dedicated professional golfer on the planet in terms of putting in the work and logging the long, hard hours it takes to perfect his swing.

    Tiger Woods' website put out a post on his daily routine for non-tournament weeks, and though it's a bit dated, you can clearly see he takes his job seriously.

    No matter how frustrated he gets after a bad round, he can be counted on to be out on the driving range as he pounds ball after ball until there isn't any light left with which to work.

    Tiger won't quit. He will keep working until the issues are resolved. 

Woods Is Hungry to Break Jack Nicklaus' Record of 18 Majors

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    It's no secret that Woods' main professional ambition is to break Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major championship victories.

    Nicklaus believes Woods will do it, too, and he told ESPN's Bob Harig: "He's got such a great work ethic. He's so determined to what he wants to do. I'm very surprised that he has not popped back. I still think he'll break my record."

    As a little side-note, it's worth pointing out that Nicklaus fully understands why Woods is making yet another change to his swing, saying: "I made changes constantly in my swing. If you don't make changes, you don't improve. I don't care who you are, because your body continually changes."

    Woods isn't going to give up his dream to beat Nicklaus' seemingly untouchable record, and in the end, I'm positive he will pull off the feat.

Time Heals All Wounds

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    Woods is clearly still suffering from the impact of his divorce, which was finalized in August of 2010, according to People magazine.

    He never talks about that part of his life anymore, but it's not hard to see the pain still lurking just beneath the surface. He's going to carry the weight of his transgressions for a long time, knowing that his actions broke up his family for good.

    Time heals all wounds, though, and Woods isn't going to be in mourning forever. Once that happens, the rest of the competitors on the PGA tour might want to brush up on their "How to handle the Tiger roar" handbook.

    Woods is a man just like any other, and his pain has been on full display for all to see. Fame and fortune have their perks, but when the crap hits the fan, it's never fun for those in the spotlight. 

    His coming victories will be all the sweeter as a result of his grueling labors.