Why Are the WWE Determined To Shoot Themselves in the Foot?

Alex DavidsonContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

The WWE has just started on the road to their biggest event of the year and a couple of weeks ago I couldn't have been looking forward more to 'Mania 25, but now it seems the WWE are incapable of building momentum and yet again, it seems WWE are determined to shoot themselves in the foot.

I present to the jury exhibit A, and that is that fat bloke most people call Mickie Rourke. Thank God Rourke realised he would have been as much as use in the ring as a one-legged man in a kick boxing match (No, not Zack Gowen).

Vince McMahon has shown us for the millionth time he only cares about money. I understand that the guy is a business man and that his 'job' is to make money but come on! Why the hell are they putting probably their wrestler of the year with a guy who probably still thinks that Hulk Hogan is the WWF Champion.

Not only is a disrespectful to the fans but if I was Y2J I be pretty annoyed with the WWE right now, what sort of example is it setting out to younger talent? Come and have the best year of your career and we'll stick you in a match that might get Steven Spielberg watching, when you should be in a WHC match.

It makes me think of Bam Bam Bigalow vs. that NFL guy main eventing WM 13.

Secondly, I'm guessing I'm not the only one who watched the Rumble last week. Overall, I found the Rumble match to be little disappointing (all the 'top' guys came in to early). But yet again WWE showed they didn't care about the fans.

I wasn't bothered that Christian didn't show up (well, I was a bit), but it was the way that WWE exploited the speculation surrounding him. You're not telling me that if there'd been no mention before the event of the 'instant classic' that RVD wouldn't have been No. 30.

 Soon as the 29th entrant came in, I slumped back into my chair because I knew that over sized ape Big Show hadn't dragged his fat arse to the ring yet. As soon as RVD came in at No. 25 (I think) it was so obvious that Orton would win (you cold tell that Christian wasn't going to show).

It would have been better if the WWE had been saved to No. 30, because then there wouldn't have been as much of a disappointment that Cage hadn't turned up and maybe a couple of people (including myself) would have thought Van Dam would have won it, because until a day after I had no idea that it was a one off.

Plus, that fact that it was Orton and HHH in the final two means that they'll be facing each other for the WWE title at 'Mania (which means that Orton would jump to SD and leave RAW with barely any main eventers besides HBK and Y2J). Personally, I think we've seen this one to many times and it only ever seems to work in a gimmick match.

Another thing is, what is the one match that would get everyone watching? Besides Rourke vs. Jericho I would think you'd answer HBK vs. the Deadman. They both have history ('Taker was in the match that Michaels broke his back) and it's in their home state.

It could also be the first time there was more than a very small chance of 'Taker's 'Mania run ending (well besides Mark Henry at WM 22). I know I would eat my hands to see the match (well not literally...but know I think about it).

But then again, I do forget that WWE are setting up the sure fire classic that is HBK v everbody's favourite wrestler, JBL.

To continue with the theme of the Rumble, I'm undecided on the new hardy feud. While it was shocking at the time I don't really want to see it as a single's match at Mania, although a Jeff, Christian v Edge, Matt might work it would use up superstars that would be better in main event matches on their own and now that Matt is on SD, ECW have nobody.

The feud also has been done before and it doesn't have the same effect as an 'Oh my god! He's just kicked Jannety through a window!' type heel turn.

And last but not least, I will end on a lighter note by reminding everyone of the good things from the WWE by refreshing them about Orton kicking Vince in the head thing. But then I'll quickly drag them back down to earth by reminding them of one of the worst segments I've ever seen on RAW.

How the hell did some fat and out of shape guy take out Priceless, most of the RAW roster and the Rumble winner. Talk about burying someone! I felt sorry for Orton as he was made to look like a fool having to sell punches that didn't even come close because McMahon can't wrestle. Not to mention that excuse about having a disease which seemed more Y2J - ish.

Wouldn't it have been much better if Orton would have waited until the end of the show before making an appearance, then Shane could have called him out.

Orton would then have come out with Priceless and entered the ring but told priceless to wait outside. Then, Shane-O-Mac could have put up a decent fight but then Priceless could have interfered and then Orton could have kicked Shane's face into next Monday.

The week after they then could have had a hardcore match which if Orton would have lost he'd have to leave WWE but Orton could win. However, I do have a sneaky suspicion though that Shane and Stephanie might join their stable (they're third generation), or maybe being as the WWE are a joke at the moment Vince might join and they'd have faked the Orton punt thing.

Well, thanks for the read and please comment.