Arizona State Football: Which Ex-Player Will Have the Best Rookie NFL Season?

Jeff Chase@@Real_Jeff_ChaseSenior Analyst IIMay 17, 2012

Arizona State Football: Which Ex-Player Will Have the Best Rookie NFL Season?

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    The Arizona State Sun Devils have a ton of players making the transition from the college game to the NFL, but how many of them will have immediate success?

    Only two players were actually drafted, as both Brock Osweiler and Omar Bolden are heading to the Denver Broncos.

    The rest will be fighting for their futures, as they have joined teams as undrafted free agents.

    There is still a lot of time to see where players will end up when it is all said and done, but here is what to expect from these former Sun Devil stars during their rookie season.

5. Brock Osweiler

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    Unfortunately for quarterback Brock Osweiler, he will be sitting behind Peyton Manning on the Denver Broncos depth chart.

    There is absolutely no competition here, so it is quite obvious Osweiler won't do much during his rookie season.

    Perhaps if Manning's neck issues flare up again, he will be given a shot, but going into this season those chances are relatively slim.

    The Broncos are high on Osweiler, though, as John Elway defended his second-round selection of Osweiler to the Associated Press.

    "And he's our guy for the future," Elway said. "And sometimes we have to sacrifice the short-term for the long-term to grab the guy that you believe can be that next guy for you, and that's Brock Osweiler."

    Those are some positive words from one of the greatest QBs of all-time. 

4. Vontaze Burfict

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    While most would have called him the Arizona State Sun Devils' best NFL prospect, linebacker Vontaze Burfict will fighting an uphill battle to land a spot on the Cincinnati Bengals depth chart.

    There is no doubt that Burfict is a talented guy, but there is a reason why this guy went from potential first-round pick to undrafted signee.

    Burfict has potential. He just needs to unleash his ability while staying under control.

    The guy has been known for his reckless play, which can lead to many penalties—something NFL teams will not let happen on a consistent basis.

    If Burfict can do it, though, he will potentially be a dominating force in the NFL.

    Perhaps a fresh start is all he needs.

3. Gerell Robinson

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    When the Denver Broncos took Brock Osweiler, they didn't have to think twice about taking his No. 1 target this past season in the desert.

    Gerell Robinson was a stud this past season, totaling 1,397 yards with seven touchdowns on 77 receptions.

    While he may not get a ton of shots this season, he could be brought in for big plays, or at least if the team needs size, as he stands at 6'4".

    If Robinson can stick around to the day that Osweiler starts to play, these two could potentially become the threatening duo that they were this past season.

2. Garth Gerhart

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    The Cleveland Browns signed a veteran-style center in Garth Gerhart, and they may need him in case Alex Mack goes down.

    They would at least have a solid option, especially for a guy who was the voice of the Sun Devils.

    Gerhart went undrafted, but he very much could be a solid player this season. He could potentially find another spot, as he played right and left guard during his five seasons at ASU.

    He is one of those guys that could be a surprise, but no team can ever have too many solid offensive linemen.

1. Omar Bolden

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    The Denver Broncos didn't just take a gamble on one Arizona State Sun Devils player, but also defensive back Omar Bolden, who missed the entire 2011 season due to an injury.

    They took Bolden in the fourth round, and they may have come away with a steal if Bolden can stay healthy.

    He was one of the better defensive players on the team in 2010, having three interceptions and success in the return game.

    Bolden may not get a shot right away playing in the secondary, but if he can show any signs of speed, the team may decide to put him on kick return duty.

    Given this unique position, Bolden quite possibly could have the best success as a rookie this season.