NBA Trade Deadline Update: Chris Bosh Heading South?

D.Michael LeeSenior Analyst IFebruary 2, 2009

With only two and half weeks until the NBA trade deadline, there will be numerous stories floating around regarding who is and who isn’t on the market, and what teams are ready to pull the trigger on a big deal. Here is our latest update on the names that (to the best of our knowledge) are getting some major attention by teams around the league.

Note 1: Trade propositions below are simply projections, and there have been no confirmations by the parties involved.

Most Likely to Get Moved:

1. Shawn Marion - It is pretty much certain Marion will be headed out. There are a number of scenarios that Pat Riley has to love as things begin to unfold around the league. The Heat desperately want to pair Dwyane Wade with a dominant big man, and with Chris Bosh reportedly on the market now, all signs point to the Heat bypassing on Jermaine O’ Neal, and now looking at making a move to bring CB4 to South Beach this year.

Likely Destination: Toronto via trade for Chris Bosh.

2. Amar’e Stoudemire - How can the supposed cornerstone of your franchise now be on the trading block? With Phoenix clearly reeling and on the edge of a playoff spot out West, Steve Kerr and the rest of the Suns brass may have to make a move soon.

The old guard of Steve Nash, Shaq, and Grant Hill almost certainly won’t be back after next season, and there is reason to believe Amar’e won’t be re-signing when his contract runs out either.

Do you gamble and keep the group together, hoping to turn things around under Terry Porter, or do you make drastic moves to build for the future now, using your most valuable assets to bring in future pieces? The answer to that question will be revealed in a matter of days, but my best guess is Phoenix doesn’t move Amar’e this year.

Likely move: Not this trade deadline.

3. Tracy McGrady - Much like Amar’e, McGrady’s name has been circulating for the past few weeks. The Rockets core of T-Mac, Ron Artest, and Yao Ming have not been healthy enough to be on the floor at the same time for much this year, but McGrady’s fate will be decided based on Houston’s play in the playoffs.

T-Mac has never been out of the first round in his career, and this year there will be no excuses. The Rockets were selected by some to be in the NBA Finals, and with the Lakers potential injuries and the Spurs lack of depth, there is no reason to think Houston couldn’t potentially get to that level. Another first round loss though will probably mark the end of the T-Mac experiment.

Likely move: Not this trade deadline.

4. David Lee - The Knicks have come out and said they have no plans to move Lee. He originally was rumored to be part of a deal with the Blazers, but those talks have cooled.

Likely move - Not this trade deadline.

5. Brad Miller: The Kings seem to be determined to start building for the future this season, and their most valuable trade piece is the veteran center. The likely trade partners all remain in the East, with the exception of Dallas.

Likely move: Traded, potentially to Heat, Raptors, Bulls, or Mavericks

Next Update: News on Shaq, Josh Howard, Stephen Jackson, and Vince Carter.