'Cinnamon' vs. 'Punisher' Slated for September 15

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'Cinnamon' vs. 'Punisher' Slated for September 15
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On May 5 in Las Vegas, on the undercard of the Mayweather Jr. (43-0-0) vs. Miguel Cotto (37-3-0) showdown, the 21-year old Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez (40-0-1) proved to boxing fans that he is a difficult opponent for anyone who shares the ring with the young Mexican star. The older, well-seasoned Shane ‘Sugar’ Mosley (46-8-1) was unable to stand ground and keep up with the pace of the younger and stronger Alvarez.

After eliminating Mosley, the question of who should Alvarez face next was on top of everyone’s mind. While there are options, some of them are much better than others. Golden Boy Promotions didn’t take long in figuring out the question to that answer, and are already working on securing Canelo’s next foe.

According to the RingTv.com, the former two-time welterweight titleholder Paul ‘The Punisher’ Williams (41-2-0) might be next for Alvarez, possibly as soon as September 15.

Richard Schaefer was quoted saying the following regarding the likelihood of the fight being made: "Absolutely, Canelo will definitely fight on September 15. I'm going to be speaking tomorrow, with advisor (sic), Al Haymon, and one of the names which we are considering is Paul Williams. You can put 'Wow' in capital letters. That might be the name of the fight. 'Wow.'"

I agree ‘wow’ is a very good way to put it. I like the match-up and I see a challenge for both men if the fight actually takes place. Williams is a good fighter with enough stamina to keep peppering his opponents with punches through the night. His biggest advantage in that fight would be the ability to throw and land consistent solid punches from afar.

For Alvarez, getting on the inside would be imperative, as he would likely be outworked on the outside. His punches are crisp, but at the same time, it’s hard to judge whether he would be able to land them on a moving target. Mosley was trying to take angles early in the fight, but abandoned his movement as the rounds went on.

But speculations aside, I would love it if this fight was signed and booked. This would be a good fight for both and would undoubtedly open some interesting doors for the victor. 

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