This Wrestling Community Scandal Has Got to Come to an End

TJ DuncanCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

I want to start by apologising. I want to apologise for writing a non-wrestling article, as I know many of you hate them, as do I. But I felt I had to.

Why? Well, coming back from a short break today, I found an article by someone called berg, which, amazingly, praised the biggest con-man on this site.

The article garnered over 50 comments, very few of which, it must be said, were in favour of what it was proclaiming.

But I'm not going to write an article going against that article. No. Instead, that article revealed beyond any doubt that the way Jo Burjet (I used his name which means he'll stop reading now and take this article as a compliment) has reached the top of the writer rankings is through having multiple accounts.

For a long time, I thought that it was simply the quantity of articles he was writing. God knows it couldn't have been the quality. About 98 percent of his feedback was terrible on almost every article, yet he still remained top of the rankings.

How? His different accounts. The first of these is "aj styles." Is it a coincidence that within a day or two, BOTH aj styles and Joe Birdshit, sorry Bergitt, left M a comment saying they knew who he was?

Is it a coincidence that, on another of M's articles, she mentioned that Joe would be better off making a few of his multiple accounts go against him to make it so obvious, and then, on that very same article, aj styles commented that he now hated Jo Burrjut, and that from then on he has been advertising Joe's articles for him?

At first it was "the worst article ever", which would get people to read it, and then he just started posting links. Can he make it any more obvious?

Well, yes, he can!

Because then he breaks out "berg" (very close to the first part of his surname don't you think?), who writes an article praising Joe. It is blindingly obvious that this is Joe trying to "write" and "article" that he is afraid of doing under his ordinary persona.

To top it all off, he has even written in "berg's" profile how great he is! Only one person on here is that egotistical.

Joe, what you are doing is pathetic. By cheating your way to the top you are denying better, honest writers the chance to challenge fair and square. You are taking the easy way while everyone else is taking the hard way. The proper way. Your selfishness seems to know no bounds and, as long as you get where you want, you don't care what becomes of everyone else.

You are a disgrace.