Unambitous Arsenal Board and Manager: The Reason for Imminent Players' Exodus

Joseph KutialoContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

Peter Hill-Wood commented in Friday's Mirror, "When building the Emirates stadium, we never thought about the impact of missing the champions league position on the club's finances.


"Arsenal can still play in the Uefa league, and failing to qualify for the champions league will not be the end of Arsenal.'' The Arsenal board chairman statement is discouraging and is an insult to the passionate and die-hard Gooners.


His views confirm that Arsenal's board and Arsene Wenger are not ambitious to win trophies and play in the most cherished champion’s league European club competition.


The chairman focuses on paying the stadium debt using maximum profit made from the fan support, which is guaranteed through Gunners match tickets sold, club products, and selling players from their academy.


Arsenal performance during the first leg of the EPL 2008-2009 season was awful. It was evident that the team lacked depth in the midfield, defense, and striking force. Currently, the absence of Fabregas in the midfield is being felt greatly.


The team lacks creativity in the midfield and is depending on Robin Vanperse to get crucial points. AW has demonstrated his lack of ambition to strengthen the team.


Andrei Asharvin is the only player being pursued while ignoring the defense and midfield, which is the weakest point of the team.


The absence of key players like Fabregas, Walcott and Eduardo has led to Arsenal's poor performance in the 2008-2009 EPL season, a fact that is recognized by Peter-Hills Wood.


AW's reluctance to sign proven players is a sign of lack of ambition to win trophies. He fears spending money as if it belongs to him.


Does it make sense for him to wait until the time the injured players will be fit to play again, yet the team is losing crucial points?


Can the professor prove he will win the champion and FA cup trophies through same unconvincing performances in matches against Everton and West Ham United respectively with this small squad? We have not seen consistency in the way the team has played in the last games.


The history of injured players confirms that it takes time for them to be fit and play at their best level; for instance, we have seen Michael Owen, Christiano Ronaldo, and Didie Drogba's performance after injury among many others in the EPL.


Eduardo is the only player guaranteed for playing now after his injury but he will take time to play at his best level.


Fabregas, Rosicky, and Walcott's earliest return is March. This means the team has to do with the current disjointed and un-motivated squad for the battle of the champions league place, European club Champions, and FA Cup trophies.


Arsene Wenger has already given up on challenging for the EPL trophy by admitting after the Everton match that it will be impossible to catch up with Manchester United.


Fourth place is the only remaining possible objective to achieve for him, although he appreciates that Villa is putting pressure on Arsenal for the battle of the champions’ league place.


My honest view is that a fifth trophy less season minus guaranteed champions league place for the Gunners will lead to key players namely: Cesc Fabregas, Cole Toure, William Gallas and Robben Vanperse leaving Arsenal during the next transfer window.


Real Madrid, Barcelona, and AC Milan, among other European heavyweights, will tempt Arsenal board and players with inflated transfer fee and good pay package respectively, which will be irresistible for the duo.


What is the objective of Arsenal youth policy? Is it for business or success in terms of transition process and glory?


The players above 25 years will be thinking about their career and achievements before the end of their prime playing time. They will not stay to help the team that has developed them to become football stars.


This is due to lack of ambition to win trophies being exhibited by the teams board and manager. Every footballer will want to retire after being crowned with champions league and EPL-like trophies, besides the personal awards given to Christiano Ronaldo and Kaka.


Can these players achieve that with Arsenal? The answer is big NO.


Arsenal board and Arsene Wenger have a responsibility to ensure that the current Gunners team sticks together for the next two seasons for Arsenal to be counted among the big clubs in the world.


Gooners, let me get your say on this!


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