Ranking the 10 Best Sports Movies of the Summer

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Ranking the 10 Best Sports Movies of the Summer

There are those movies where you can be standing around the corner, not even watching the TV screen, and you can identify that film the second you hear the opening music.

In the house I grew up in, that movie was The Sandlot.

Today it doesn’t matter if it’s the start of the spring or the dead of winter: I hear the opening piano score as a grown-up Scott Smalls walks down the hallway towards his announcer booth, and I’m jettisoned to any given day in mid-August when it was 100-degrees in the shade and my brothers and I was settling down for a movie after a long day in the backyard pool.

And it didn’t matter how many times my family watched that film, The Sandlot never got old. It never lost its charm.

Because, hey, summer sports movies just don’t lose their je ne sais quoi.

Now it’s always hard to rank sports movies, because there’s always at least one reader out there who thinks you’re crazy for ranking such-and-such a movie higher than another, or not including another movie at all, and so on and so on.

Here’s a look at ranking 10 of the best summer sports movies.


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