WWE Over the Limit 2010: Top 10 Moments from Batista's Final Pay-Per-View

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 16, 2012

WWE Over the Limit 2010: Top 10 Moments from Batista's Final Pay-Per-View

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    In 2010, WWE was going forward with a strong youth movement. Shawn Michaels had just left. Triple H and Undertaker were on part-time schedules. Chris Jericho and Edge would both be departing within the next year.

    On top of that, the man who was in the WWE Championship main event on this night was leaving the company. New talents were going to be getting a chance to shine, whether they were "ready" or not.

    At Over the Limit 2010, the new landscape of WWE was seen by fans. They delivered a solid (C+ grade) show that is well known for a few matches.

    What were the highlights? Let's find out!

10. Truth vs. DiBiase

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    R-Truth vs. Ted Dibiase was a fun little match.

    It featured two guys who were very talented, and guess who was ringside with Ted?


    Long-time fans will know the name. The story was completely ridiculous, but it was interesting for a few weeks. In the end, Truth won.

    The ending looked confusing (planned or not), so that does take away from the match.

9. Kofi vs. Drew

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    You all remember Drew McIntyre, right?

    He was the Intercontinental Champion in 2010. His opponent was Kofi Kingston. Again, both were very talented. Thus, you knew a good match was possible.

    They certainly lived up to the hype.

    We were all given a great opener and saw a new champion crowned! It was a nice moment for Kofi, but it didn't mean much in the long run.

    After the match, Matt Hardy came out and attacked Drew. Yes, fans still cared about Hardy two years ago.

8. Eve vs. Maryse

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    Eve Torres defended her Divas Championship against Maryse.

    There isn't much to discuss here. They were the "buffer" between main events and did a fine job. The champion retained, and life moved on.

    A month later, my "it" girl, Alicia Fox, was given a nice title run and impressed every single time.

7. World Title Match

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    Jack Swagger was the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Big Show was his challenger for Over the Limit.

    First, you knew the match was not going to be amazing.

    Second, the company clearly wasn't giving Show the belt.

    Finally, fans just never believed in Swagger as the top star.

    WWE tried with a new talent here, but it just did not work. Not all risks in life are going to pay off. That is just common knowledge. Swagger is talented and young enough to get another run down the line.

    Their match wasn't very good, and it ended in a disqualification. Disappointing all around!

6. Tag Titles

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    Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz for the WWE Tag Team Titles was sure to be a great match.

    Jericho spent most of 2010 losing to the new talents, while Miz was on a roll. By the end of the year, he would be WWE Champion.

    On this night, Jericho and Miz teamed up to take a shot at the tag champs. While they ended up losing, both sides looked great.

5. Rey vs. Punk

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    If CM Punk lost, he had to shave his head.

    If Rey Mysterio lost, he had to join the Straight Edge Society.

    Of course, that was Punk's stable in 2010. It was a decent group of talents, but after Serena was (rightfully) shown the door, it fell apart.

    Too bad.

    These two had many great matches in the past, and Over the Limit was no exception. Rey won and would be World Champion a month later.

4. Orton vs. Edge

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    Randy Orton is a future WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

    Edge was inducted this past WrestleMania.

    Both are wonderful, but they have never had a real big, intense feud. In 2010, WWE tried it with these two. For some reason, it didn't work very well.

    Edge and Orton has a couple of mini-feuds before but nothing in-depth. Sadly, this contest was ended abruptly due to injury.

    Randy Orton was slamming his fists down on the mat, getting ready for the RKO, when he suddenly stopped and held his arm. It was an unfortunate situation, but both men went to a double count-out to end the match.

3. Character Changes

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    Raise your hand if you knew Edge was a heel in 2010...

    I rest my case.

    He had just returned from injury at the Royal Rumble and was riding high with his big "comeback" story. Edge was certainly playing a face, but fans just didn't care that much.

    It seems harsh, but it is true. Feel free to go back and watch any video you want of him after the Rumble. He got the loud reaction there, and then his (failed) World Title hunt left him with nothing to do.

    Thus, he was drafted to Raw and turned heel on Randy Orton.

    The only problem was Orton was still a heel. He was slowly turning face in 2010 and would get there by the summer time, but he was still a heel (technically).

    You had a very unique feud going with two wrestlers in the middle of a character change. That certainly played a factor in their rivalry never really developing.

    Four months later, Edge was back on Smackdown as their top face. On Raw, Orton was the WWE Champion as a face.

2. Bye Batista

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    The next night on Raw, Batista "quit" WWE. With the new general manager (Bret Hart) of Raw watching on, he made his final appearance for the company.

    The best part was his exit. He was screaming about how ratings would plummet with his exit and how we would all miss him.

    Of course, he was simply playing his heel character. Little did we all know how right he was...

    To this day, Batista has not been in a WWE ring again.

1. Main Event

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    John Cena defended his WWE Championship against Batista in an I Quit match. This would end up being The Animal's last match for the company, so the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

    However, he went out in style.

    The two beat each other half to death all over the arena. In the end, Cena was always going to retain. Batista screamed the dreaded two words and put in an excellent "farewell" effort.

    Cena would soon be tortured by a debuting Nexus and lose the title to Sheamus.

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