Should Elbows on the Ground Be Illegal in MMA?

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIMay 16, 2012


For a while now, certain sections of the MMA community have deemed the use of elbows on a grounded opponent either inconsequential to the outcome of a contest or nothing more than a means of precipitating a premature stoppage, and as such should be made illegal in MMA. I on the other hand beg to differ, and believe elbows should remain an integral part of mixed martial arts.

Some of the reasons against elbow use in a ground-and-pound assault is the supposition that it favors the grappler with regard to employing the technique in a negative way, which is assumed to gain an unhealthy advantage over an opponent by way of lay-and-pray. Another gripe is said attacks inflict severe facial cuts, thus leading to an unlikely halt to a bout.

Isn’t professional combative mixed martial arts all about incapacitating your opponent by any means necessary within the laws of the governing bodies?

And if that’s the case, why take away a tool which is part of a fighters overall makeup and something that could make the difference between winning and losing?

Eye gouging, groin kicks, head kicks and stomping seem to be a thing of the past. To that I say bring back the old PRIDE FC days, but that’s ancient history. Times have changed—MMA is now a going concern and directed full steam ahead toward the mainstream.

However, if taking elbows out of the equation is the way forward, why stop there? How about reviewing certain aspects of BJJ and striking while we’re at it? Either way they’re both weapons of destruction.

Personally, I believe elbows, if executed properly, can be some of the most exciting attacks on a grounded opponent. In that respect, Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Brandon “The Truth” Vera comes to mind—his elbow assaults were beauty personified.

Should elbows on the ground be illegal? Absolutely not.


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