BJ Penn: Excuses to the Death

Matt RandallCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

Mr. Penn sure can talk a lot.

Apparently, it’s not over yet either.

People might have thought or at least wondered why GSP’s camp wanted to finish Penn so bad, until they watched him on PrimeTime, or any other time he got to speech his mind.

Clearly, BJ does not handle losing well. Not that it’s a bad thing to hate to lose, but we all know if this went to a decision and if BJ thought he was remotely in the fight, we would have heard it all over again.

Can you really blame them for wanting to shut him up?

Come on BJ, go back to Hawaii watch the first fight, realize you won the first round then lost the remaining two.

Then go to your room, lie in your bed and go…

I wonder what someone has to do to really shut this guy up. Is there always an excuse? It sure seems like it.

According to, there was Vaseline accidentally applied in-between rounds one and two and it was noticed and removed.

The fact is, at no point in the fight was BJ on the offensive. At no point in the fight did BJ come close to having a dominating position. At no point in the fight was the Vaseline a factor.

People can speculate that it made it impossible for BJ to land a submission.

At no point was BJ even close.

BJ might have thrown his legs up a few times, but Georges posture is higher than most fighters, it makes it hard to catch him in a triangle or an armbar.

This Vaseline defense is almost as ridiculous as the Twinkie defense.

It seems like no matter what happens to BJ Penn there will always be a reason why he deserved to win.

Most fighters are striving to win belts; Penn wins one and decides to sign with K-1, only to be stripped of his belt. Of course when he came back, he said he was still the champion since he never lost.

But did he defend it?

Or was this just another excuse?

Then he came back and lost to GSP, more excuses.

Penn seems to think the world is out to get him, or at least should let him do what he wants.

After watching UFC 94, I was pleased that Georges made him quit. After all the ridiculous quotes that he sprayed out; like a drunk college student at last call, I thought finally there would be no excuse.

Georges dominated every single aspect of the fight, made BJ eat more words than any other fighter to date.

GSP came in with a game plan, ready for war. BJ just wanted to kick his ass.

According BJ, Georges is a pussy for tapping against Matt Serra due to strikes. What is the difference if you can't come out of your corner and have to give up?

BJ will be eating for some time; I wonder what this will do for his cardio.

Maybe I am just accustomed to watching classy fighters, for the most part, who admit their mistakes, congratulate others on victory and offer good sportsmanship.

Maybe it’s a far fetched dream, but it seems like the best of the best do it, Anderson Silva, Fedor, GSP, Randy, Forrest, Mir and many more.

All except BJ.

BJ wants to kill people.

Maybe it’s a maturity thing, except Penn is a veteran and a world class fighter.

Maybe he is just a spoiled brat.

Maybe he just wants attention.

To be honest I don’t know what BJ is thinking most of the time and to be honest I don’t think he is either.

All I know is that excuses or no excuses Georges destroyed Penn, made him look like a rookie, not a world class fighter.

All I can really say to BJ is;

Go back to Hawaii, go lay in your bed, stop making excuses, get your ass on a treadmill and go…