Word Life Vol. 4: Edge and Cerebral Assassin...Let the Games Begin

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 2, 2009

This volume of Word Life is about Smackdown and their current Wrestlemania forecast.

I figured I'd write a piece on Smackdown or Smackdown-related because I rarely do.

So what does Smackdown's Wrestlemania 25 forecast looks like?

Smackdown, unlike RAW, had been cloudy for months. Edge, both Hardys, and a rumored Christian Cage had many of us dreaming of all the Wrestlemania 25 possibilities. A TLC match. Edge vs Christian, Jeff vs Christian, triple threats and so on..you get the picture.

The Royal Rumble officially started the road to Wrestlemania, and it started with a bang. To our surprise, Christian didn't appear in the Jeff Hardy ve Edge WWE championship match.

The blizzard that was supposed to be Cage just never happened. In fact he didn't even come to the show.

Matt Hardy turned on his brother Jeff, cost him the WWE title and the forecast suddenly got sunny. No more fog, or smog. It was simple and it was inevitable. No cage appearance followed by a set up for a Hardy brother versus brother feud. Looks like the Ultimate Opportunist can relax with La Familia. He's far from any vacation. As we all know WWE's No. 2 World championship chaser (No. 1 is Cena) is back right on his tail.

With that nose, I don't think Edge can hide, Triple H will just sniff him out. He was the last person to get eliminated from the 2009 Royal Rumble. He was number seven.

The Hardy heel turn and the no show Cage has cleared the path for the cerebral assassin to take aim at the WWE championship...again. Big Show can't hold him off and neither can the man who wants competiton, Vladimir Koslov. I expect Edge to win  the chamber match at No Way Out but anything can happen though.

Edge and Triple H should start going at each other throats soon enough. After No Way Out, questions will be solved and the forecast will be brighter as we move closer and closer to Wrestlemania 25. Without his trusty partner HBK, who's broke, the Game only has one friend and that's his trusty sledgehammer.

Edge does have Vickie on his side, but is he running on borrowed time? Houston, Texas on April 5 seems to be the destination for those two.

Triple H hasn't won at Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 19 in Seattle in which he defeated Booker-T. Fast forward to 2009 and you have six straight years of no-show injuries and losses.

Is this Triple H's year? I hope not. He has the belt too much and he doesn't need it.

Edge came off an inevitable Taker loss last year, so will Edge walk out the champ? Who's not say that one of the Hardys has the belt (I highly doubt)? This match looks about almost set in stone.

We could practically say that the two will face off—then again, you can't be too sure. Edge's little paradise is going to be ruined soon when King Hunter Hearst Helmsley comes to town. It's going to be a war, so let the games begin.

Two men, two months, one destination, one title, one sledgehammer, one match, and a 25th anniversary