Is It Too Late To Make My Matchups for '09?

Joe DaddyContributor IFebruary 2, 2009

Alright, so I know that many have already submitted their "Matches I would like to see" of 2009, but I thought that just one more wouldn't hurt. So with that, here they are, the fights I would like to see in 2009.


Heavyweight Division:  1. Fedor Emelianenko 29-1 vs. Alistair Overeem 29-11

With Fedor's latest fight, it is apparent he is the true king of the heavyweight division, yet there are still some interesting match-ups for him. I would say Brock Lesnar, but lets not be repetitive.

It would seem to me that the only way to beat Fedor is by completely overpowering him, or beating him with stand up.  Arlovski was obviously exposing this weakness, but got too cocky. 

With Alistair's recent incredible improvements, most notably in his stand-up, and his brute strength (also recent) this match-up could be very interesting.


2. Aleksander Emelianenko 14-3 vs. Paul Buentello 22-9

Lately Paul Buentello's been looking very good with Affliction;  Aleksander is currently trying to get into Affliction, which is my reason for giving this fight some thought. 

Although not between top contenders, Aleksander is definitely a force to be reckoned with and Buentello's always been a great fighter. Could make out to be a very entertaining fight for those fans of stand-up wars.


Lightheavyweight Division: Luis Cane 9-1 vs. Shogun Rua 17-3

Shogun's reign of the division is over, that much is clear.  I think it'd be very interesting to see how Luis Cane would do against a more well known LHW because this would both solidify his standing and make him more well known to the MMA community.


Middleweight Division: Anderson Silva 23-4 vs. Chael Sonnen 21-9

It looks as if this matchup is actually going to happen, if Sonnen gets past Demian Maia. Sonnen is interesting to me because Silva showed weakness when he was on his back against Henderson, and Sonnen is also a great wrestler but with more speed than Hendo. 

Once a formidable opponent in the LHW division, Sonnen moved down to MW and became phenomenal.  Leaving the WEC as its' last MW champion, this could be Anderson Silva's next big test.


Welterweight Division: Mike Swick 13-2 vs. Anthony Johnson 6-2

I don't think Mike Swick is being challenged enough and getting the fighters he deserves, so who better than "Rumble"?  Both very explosive strikers, this fight would potentially have either knockout of the night or fight of the night honors.


Lightweight Division: Clay Guida 25-9 vs. Jim Miller 13-1

After Jim Miller's performance at Fight For the Troops, it may be time for a step up in competition, and Guida is always good for uncovering who are good and great fighters.  If this step up is premature and too much for Miller? Oh well, Guida will always put on a show.


Featherweight Division: Urijah Faber 22-2 vs. Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto 17-1

Dana has been getting a little "chummy" with Kid lately and with as many wins as he has, mostly made in Pride's lightweight division (he weighs 143), this could be the next big fight for Urijah Faber. I say put this fight together, and winner gets a title shot.

Alright, well I was never great with conclusions but those are just some interesting or entertaining fights I thought up tonight, hope you enjoyed them. Hopefully my first article written wasn't too painful to read.

Anyways, leave me feedback.