Word Life Vol. 3: The Life and Times of the Legend Killer, Randy Orton

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 2, 2009

With everyone on the Randy Orton/Legacy/WM25 rumors, I thought I'd take a little detour from that. A little flashback, shall we?

Remember Orton in his legend killing days? Remember his Orton pose? How about his cocky smirk?

I knew Orton would change as he developed but from his legend killing days to him hearing "voices" is a change and a half. But when he was the legend killer he had a list... Oh he had quite the list.

It was taking out the trash or in his words "the laundry list." Orton was a predator out there in his younger days. He truly got nothing but heat.

Harley Race and Mick Foley both received spits in the face and each had done nothing against him. Goldust was electrocuted and had that stutter gimmick when he spoke for a while.

He rid himself of HBK himself and was the sole survivor at Survivor Series. HBK would join the list again later down the line. I loved his disrespect towards others.

He gave Dusty Rhodes one hell of a slap that had him livid right in front of his own son and future Orton follower, Cody Rhodes. WWE had its own bounty hunter and he was game for any legend...even anyone considered a legend.

ECW legend Tazz learned that the hard way and so did commentating legend Jim Ross, too. Orton bit off more than he could chew when he attempted to kill the legend of the Undertaker. He buried him alive, took his urn, even drove Eddie Guerrero's low rider in reverse into the stage to cause an explosion.

Unfortunately, he lost where it really counted, Wrestlemania and then lost a Hell in a Cell match at Armageddon. This would become the first Legend that Orton failed to overcome.

RVD also joined that list and would it would be the last time we see him until this year's later at this year's Royal Rumble.

Dusty Rhodes also was added to the list following a cowbell to the head, knocking his lights out and retiring him as well. Sgt. Slaughter would have his go, too. I believe he was one the first to be punted. Night Night, Slaughter.

Orton would also get Ric Flair in a cage match at Taboo Tuesday (Before it was Cyber Sunday) and Flair fell before greatness too. He attempted Hulk Hogan but failed there. Those were some good old days.

However, if Orton still was the legend killer, who would he set his radar on next? I was hoping Kane when the Kelly Kelly feud was ignited and Orton was Kelly's mystery man. It would have been great for the Big Red Monster. He could have been relevant again.

Orton should have took him out and added him to the list. Hey Kane, isn't doing anything better anyway, right?

What about Tommy Dreamer? I heard he'll quit soon if he doesn't win the ECW championship or something. Orton would have surely put him put of his misery.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan would have been a one hitter quitter. He would have ended him quickly and drew lots of heat in the process.

I hope he would one day continue his feud with the Undertaker but it doesn't look like it'll happen. Seems like Orton would rather listen to voices than kill legends...not there's anything wrong with that, because I still love Orton, but the legend killer era was a vital period in Orton's career.

I don't know if anyone consideres Shane O' Mac a legend but he'll be the next one on the laundry list...or will he?