Christian Status Watch: Why He Could Better Raw, and to JoeBags Far and Wide...

KumarCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

NOTE: I've been out for the last two weeks because of Semester Finals. I actually had to study (I usually never do) so I've been off on the Christian Status Watch for the last week. So correct me if I'm wrong...

So, as I come back to B/R, I see things have changed...

Jay Reso a.k.a. Christian Cage, the Instant Classic, has been hyped to go to SmackDown! but I personally think that he'd do much better on Raw.

Now, a little info on the BACKSTAGE Christian Cage. This guy is a great guy but doesn’t suck up to anyone. He doesn’t go around carrying Kevin Nash’s (or Triple H’s) luggage. He also didn’t talk down on veterans who stayed mid-carders (for example, Chris Jericho) while he was a rookie.

And if he did, he only did it to the people who were not righteous backstage, and abused their booking power. That’s okay, every wrestler has the right to do that. But he didn’t talk down on the good people, like some people I know do. He is a good guy backstage, and knows his boundaries.

Apparently, here at B/R, and in the wrestling world, some people just are like Eugene, they don’t know about boundaries.

It's been in argument that Christian would be perfect to fit in with Edge, Triple H, and Jeff Hardy on SmackDown. But really, does he need to go there? Smackdown's right now the better brand of WWE.

Yes, the wrestlers don't have the legacy (no pun intended) or the names that Raw has (say Batista, Cena, Kane, Orton, JBL, and HBK), but it has many things that Raw doesn't have now.

With the move of Batista and Rey to Raw and Triple H and Jeff Hardy to SmackDown, it looks like SD! got the better half in a trade for the ages. SmackDown has probably the three most marketable superstars in WWE right now, if you're excluding Cena and Rey Mysterio.

If you combine Edge, Triple H, Jeff Hardy (three most marketable right there) and of course, Undertaker (Legend) you have a stable Main-Event and uppercard.

SmackDown is loaded with valuable mid-carders, especially once Mr. Kennedy comes back. You've got MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Big Show, Kozlov, and if you count them, Umaga and the Not-So Great Khali. And for the others, there's really no need to worry....

So if SmackDown has the wrestlers, they probably have the storylines to follow, right? I mean, yeah, Raw has Main-Eventers in Cena, HBK, Orton, Jericho, and sadly, JBL, but where can you go from there?

There hasn't been a mid-card storyline in place for about a couple months now, except for a CM Punk IC Title push, but nobody likes that because he should get a World Title shot, right?

Let’s see, on SD! you’ve got a feud for almost every match, a comical aspect in a Chavo Guerrero “gopher” gimmick, and of course, the always entertaining Edge to keep our psychotic side alive.

But anyways, let’s take a look at our "supreme brand" of "(sports) entertainment", Monday Night Raw. They need a change. It really is starting to look like an ECW reunion night in terms of storylines for the first hour of Raw. I swear, if I wasn't on B/R, I would only watch the last hour of Raw for the HBK/JBL/Cena and the Orton storyline.

At times, I think even a gimmick-made wrestler like Goldberg would make a better face of Raw than John Cena. I’m not going to turn my article into a “Cena sucks!” article, but really, Cena’s so much of Vince’s puppet on Raw, he’s making Triple H look like a sideshow until he went to SmackDown.

Now, on to Christian. If he were to go to SmackDown, he would be placed right nowin a storyline with the Hardyz or Edge, or one big mash-up storyline with both (WrestleMania 2000, anyone?). But look what could happen if he were placed on Raw…

On Raw at this moment, HBK/JBL is there, but the only thing that would logically lead out of it would be a HBK/JBL feud, assuming that HBK probably quits next week, and then he feuds with JBL over the fact that JBL was telling him how to wrestle, which of course, no one ever does.

As for Cena, you could incorporate him into the HBK/JBL storyline for now, but soon enough, Orton will come into play, and we’ll see an Legacy/Cena feud soon enough.  So where would that leave Christian, B/R asks? Well, now that Mickey Rourke is out of the Jericho picture, I think a Jericho/Christian feud should be in the works, guys...

Jericho has no feud and needs to be humiliated by someone else than Cena for once, because even kids are starting to see (my five-year0old cousin, at least) that Cena is Raw's savior for every heel that there is, except JBL, because, well, he was Just Born a Lethargic. Sorry, Johnny Layfield, I’m just stating the facts.

If Christian feuded with Jericho, they could possibly have another grudge match at WrestleMania 25, switching the roles of heel/face. And to all who don’t think WWE would do that, just keep in mind the countless (rapper) Cena vs. Angle feuds we’ve seen on the old SmackDown. CM Punk could somehow be inserted in here to make it an IC storyline, perhaps.

Or Christian could make himself useful by just making life hell for Jericho by interfering in everything Jericho does. He could say that he has a problem with the way Jericho is on Raw, and how he’s not the old Jericho that he grew up with.

If Christian became heel, he could have a temporary angle with Jericho where he helps him because he agrees with everything Jericho’s saying about the fans. Then this team could help Jericho win the IC Title, or maybe the Tag Titles. Jericho needs to be used, and Christian would make the perfect fit.

In any way, Christian would be better fit on Raw, ‘nuff said.