Arsenal and Manchester United: Chasing the Same Cups

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2008

After last night champions Leagues games, we can say two things:

Arsenal is definitely not dead, with a 2-0 win at San Siro against AC Milan.

Manchester is still very competitive but maybe not as strong as we thought they were. Let me explain:

Manchester has been made favorite for the EPL title, due to their last performances in EPL and Cup (and their 4-0 victory against the Gunners), they are also a serious contender for the Champions League Trophy.

However, with their 1-0 win against Lyon last night, I don't think they have confirm their supremacy, and their status of favorite. The Red Devils, who got a first half goal from Cristiano Ronaldo (41 min), never secured the win and could even have gone to  extra time with Lyon's Kader Keita hitting the post in the 70 minutes.

Man U has produced some good plays, but their defensive lacks have been shown, especially during the second half. It looks like they could not insure the win by scoring a second goal, and were pressured by the French sides' attack.

They still won, which prove they are very strong, and they can just do what it takes to win, but I don't think their performance was that great. And Lyon is not the best team they'll meet in their races for EPL and CL.

Arsenal, by beating AC Milan at San Siro, became the first English team to ever win in the Italians' ground, which is a really good performance. The quality of their game was just extraordinary, they have proven they were still a serious contender to EPL and CL victory.

They just played their game, and Milan could not do anything, despite Eduardo's injury and recent disappointing performance, the Gunners have shown they could bounce back.

Theo Walcott also proved he could handle important games, and the others like Cesc Fabregas or Adebayor have confirmed Arsenal is not dead and will fight until the end, and that even one of the best defenses in the world could not match their talent.

With Man U confirming they can get results they need, even in a not so good day, and Arsenal coming back at their best level, the race for both titles is gonna be tough.

As for Chelsea, they might take advantage of the Gunners and Red Devil still being in the CL, to come back slowly but surely.

Clement Andreau 

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