Kellen Winslow, Brian Price, Dez Briscoe No-Shows at Tampa Bay Buccaneer OTAs

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IMay 15, 2012

Kellen Winslow Jr. skipped Tuesday's OTAs.
Kellen Winslow Jr. skipped Tuesday's OTAs.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

This one probably won't come as much of a surprise.

His majesty Kellen Winslow Jr. was a no-show on Tuesday at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' OTA session with more to come on May 17, 18, 21, 22 and 24.

You might also like to know that Brian Price wasn't out there, and Dez Briscoe was a no-show, as if anyone really cares about him.

The cold reality of this whatever it is over there at One Buccaneer Place—you can call it a total restoration, a full rehab, a massive overhaul, whatever it is—there's really nothing "voluntary" when it comes to putting Humpty Dumpty back together again after that massive fall and squash of 2011.

Greg Schiano doesn't have all the king's soldiers and all the king's men, but he has some big-time free agents purchased for him by the Princes of Manchester United, the Glazers.

By the looks of it, if an accomplished veteran like Vincent Jackson shows up for the "voluntary" stuff, there's no reason short of a family funeral that Winslow and Briscoe shouldn't be out there.

We all know about Winslow.

If there's any player on the roster that you might point to when you hear the term "entitlement," it would be Winslow. He's never been challenged for his starting spot; it was simply handed to him the day he walked in, and it's still that way.

That needs to end in a hurry.

Briscoe? He missed the last go-round with the lamest of excuses, that Atlanta reality mumbo-jumbo. He's not sounding much like a guy who loves football.

It wouldn't matter anyway. Dez Briscoes are a dime a dozen, and don't think for a moment that he's even close to having a roster spot locked up.

There's a lot of work to be done with this football team. Someone needs to remind Winslow, Price and Briscoe that this is the NFC South. Oh yes, the NFL too.

On second thought, no one needs to do anything about Winslow or Price or Briscoe.

We'll let Coach Schiano handle that.