WWE Gimmicks: What's the Gimmick?

Raymond TursherCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

I hear and read all the time about people talking about "Gimmicks" and I look and look and I can't find a real gimmick aside from the boogeyman, and that's why its his photo.

The standard for a "Gimick" used to be a actual character architype, now it's only become levels of toughness or arogence.

For Those who don't believe me, here are some prime examples:

John Morrison:
He went from MNM which was a group of arrogant guys to being one singular arrogant guy. It's all he's been, arrogant.


Yes He's on this list because he is nothing but a head with muscles, all he is is tough and nothing else. 

John Cena:

I'll bet you're all happy I mention Cena, he has nothing going for him aside from being a baby-face on stage. His only gimmick was when he was a white rapper that we all actually liked. 

Randy Orton:

Randy is my prime suspect, All his time as a WWE superstar has been arrogance, spitting in star's faces, slaping them.


He is a prime example as to how low the standard of a gimmick has fallen, he is a great superstar none the least, and his arrogance is his gimmick, but the fact remains that there isn't a gimmick out there aside from Boogeyman.

There used to be great gimmicks too, and also not so great ones:

Billy Gunn: He was part of a gay couple with someone a few years back, the idea itself is odd, but it was a gimmick none the less.

John Cena: As stated above, We all loved the White Rapper gimick

The Hurricane: A prime example of a good and bad gimmick: It was stupid and sometimes funny gimmick that lasted.

So please people, the use of the term gimmick shouldn't be used until there is actually a gimmick aside from one person's.