Word Life Vol. 1: John Cena Grows On Me, Orton Hype Turns Into Christian Hype

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 1, 2009

I'm not a big John Cena fan. In fact I've been against him since he dropped the Thug gimmick and became the guy who sucks up to the fans.

I have ridiculed him and criticized him on numerous things, including his whole move set containing four moves.

Sometimes when Cena appears, I get a certain feeling. He disgusts me, he's superman, he must always overcome the odds, I'm supposed to hate him.

I can but never completely, even if I truly tried. He rubs off on me.

At Wrestlemania 23, I wanted HBK to defeat Cena so bad and I was livid when Cena kicked out after receiving a piledriver on the steel steps. Cena won the match, and I it was time for my usual yelling after Cena pulls off a miracle.

I couldn't. I tried but when he held the title and the confetti came down I...I....I....I loved it! There you go...it's off my chest. When his music hits and everyone stands up, for a brief second I'm elated and the he comes out and everyone erupts.

At this year's Rumble, I found myself on the opposite side of the glass cheering for Cena to defeat JBL. I predicted that Cena would win, and it was quite obvious. Still I couldn't stop myself from cheering him on.

He still gets me angered though when he does that army salute. I think he took the Marine a little too seriously.

Now, Cena is heading into the Elimination Chamber. My prediction is that he'll win and I think it's a fairly common prediction. He'll use those four moves most likely but I'll be cheering for him though.

I wanted him to go to Wrestlemania 25 the champ. At Wrestlemania 24, my eyes were glued on Orton, but he had a rather dull entrance.

Cena's entrance would have blown the roof off if there was one. A complete band came out on the stage and played his theme song.

It reminded me of a NCAA football theme and it was great. The best entrance by far...probably in years. Truth be told, I think Cena is growing on us, we don't have to hate him because many do.

I've learned that, and so have many. So Cena should be on his way to the Reliant Stadium on a collision course with most likely Randy Orton. Orton is probably the only man with a kryptonite stash.

Speaking of Orton, he's is turning into Christian Cage around here. He is my favorite superstar and I've been watching him since 2002. I never though I'd say this, but Orton was better when he was underrated.

He has improved his skills both on the mic and in the ring vastly, but he's just too popular now. Cage has been Caged because of our incessant talking about him. Now that the Rumble has passed and he didn't show up, everyone has jumped off the Cage train and onto the Orton train.

I don't even feel like writing articles on him anymore. My favorite wrestler is making me sick. I'm appalled. Am I In the twilight zone? Against everything Cena stands for, I still manage to like this guy, and I'm starting to get tired of seeing/hearing about Orton.

I remembered the days where almost everyone bad-talked Orton and I would just relax and told them sit back and wait..the day will come. Now that it has came, I wish it hadn't.

I'm not saying Orton will be Christian Caged (A superstar is written out of story/angle due to excessive and or consistent talking and rumors), but can we at least slow it down? With the exception of Ryan Michael, can we turn this around?

We know Orton vs. Cena seems very likely, and we've heard countless possible Legacy angles. Take a deep breath and relax.

At Wrestlemania 24, I was certain Triple H or Cena was destined to walk out with the WWE title but because no one thought Orton would win, he did. So if we keep talking about Orton getting the strap off Cena at Wrestlemania, what do you think might happen?

What if Cena walked out champ? Who's to blame? We'll start blasting WWE without thought of looking in the mirror to find the culprit.

Orton is too over with the fans and needs to be hated like JBL and Jericho. I'm not saying its where the Cage hype was, but it could very well get there.

We have the power so let's use it...Word Life!