Roy Oswalt: Why the N.Y. Mets Should Sign Him and Go for It in 2012

Alex Ott@the_otter15Contributor IMay 15, 2012

Roy Oswalt: Why the N.Y. Mets Should Sign Him and Go for It in 2012

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    When Roy Oswalt went down in 2011 with a back injury he wondered if he would ever return to the MLB.  A year later, although Oswalt doesn't have a team yet, his good friend and current White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy (according to Jon Morosi) guaranteed that Oswalt is "Getting ready to play".

    Alive and in the hunt for the foreseeable future, the New York Mets and Roy Oswalt could be an ideal partnership. Here's our top five reasons why.

Mike Pelfrey's Injury Leaves an Opening in the Rotation

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    After Mike Pelfrey went down for the remainder of the season with Tommy John surgery, the Mets have been struggling to find a fifth starter ever since.

    An unsuccessful effort by Schwinden and a bumpy ride with Batista have left the Mets up in the air about how to proceed with their rotation. At this point, they can continue with Batista, wait for Chris Young to return to the rotation, rush a prospect to the Majors or negotiate with Roy Oswalt.

    If they are looking for the safest of those four options, Oswalt needs to be pursued.

The Phillies Have No Need for Him in Their Rotation

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    Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Vance Worley and Joe Blanton combine to form one of the most lethal rotations in Major League Baseball.

    If all five continue to put up impressive numbers, the Phillies would have no reason to sign Oswalt unless they plan on converting him to a relief pitcher.

    Their scattered offense this year would be a significantly better use of funds than signing Oswalt, eliminating one of the other suitors that Oswalt would consider signing with.

His Presence Would Allow Wheeler, Harvey and Familia to Mature at Their Own Pace

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    The aforementioned Schwinden and Batista have been having rough years so far for the Mets, causing many fans to wonder when one of the highly touted prospects (Zack Wheeler, Jeurys Familia or Matt Harvey) will become the fifth starter.

    In my opinion, none of them are ready for the MLB yet. 

    By signing Oswalt to a one or two-year contract, the Mets could fill their starter's void as well as give their prospects ample opportunity to develop their 'stuff' in the minor leagues.

His Career Numbers Are Unbelievable

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    159 wins, a .631 career winning percentage, 3.21 career ERA and three career All-Star appearances are just a few of the incredible numbers that describe Roy Oswalt.

    After Johan Santana, no other Mets pitcher (in the rotation or the bullpen) has ever made it to an All-Star game.

    Anytime a Cy Young caliber pitcher is available on the market, the Mets would be insane to not inquire on his availability. With nearly a quarter of the season already over, they also could offer him a pro-rated contract to save money. 

His Age!

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    Unlike most pitchers that return to the MLB mid-season, Roy Oswalt is only 34 years old!

    Granted he is returning from an injury, but we are shown on a daily basis that older guys can pitch in the Majors (that means you, Jamie Moyer). Even the man he would replace, Miguel Batista, is over 40 years old.

    While he may not be in his prime anymore, he's not too far removed from his glory days.

    With four quality starters already, Oswalt would not be depended on to be an ace. If he could be a six-inning pitcher with a 4.00 ERA, the Mets would probably jump at him.