WWE: Big Show Firing Will Lead to John Laurinaitis Win at Over the Limit

John KindelanAnalyst IIIMay 15, 2012

Image from Buzzbox.com
Image from Buzzbox.com

With the incredibly long and horribly drawn-out firing of The Big Show on last night's Monday Night Raw, there has to be a reason it had such focus. Why did we have to watch it over and over again, and why did The Big Show have to put on more drama than he did in Knucklehead? This was all part of a plan to build towards the John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis match at Over the Limit.

This week's WWE Raw was going along just great, with even a tag match between CM Punk and Santino against Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan that was entertaining on several levels. The back and forth between Sheamus and Cole was great, and, of course, the Chris Jericho match was entertaining. 

The last segment of the show had John Cena and Big Johnny going at it in the ring, with Cena turning the tables on Laurinaitis and bullying him for a change. Suddenly a letter from the Board of Directors arrived, and Eve and all her loveliness brought it out. 

The letter stated that the match must be one on one, no special guest referee, and a win can only be by pinfall or submission. Any superstar who interfered will be fired. So this translated to: no specialty match and no David Otunga as ref. Also, a pinfall or submission only match means it's a no DQ match, and any employed superstar like Lord Tensai may be fired if he interferes.

Yes, employed superstar, you don't have to worry about being fired, if you're already fired. 

If the Big Show were to show up at Over The Limit, he could interfere, choke slam Cena, hit him with the weapon of mass destruction and then let Johnny pin him. 

This gets Show back in Laurinaitis' good graces, rehired and part of the Laurinaitis stable consisting of Otunga, Show and Eve.

The Big Show is too valuable of an asset to fire, and having Johnny using him as a lackey or enforcer would fit nicely.