Derrick Rose Injury: Difficult Mental Recovery Ahead for Superstar

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Derrick Rose Injury: Difficult Mental Recovery Ahead for Superstar
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According to a article, KC Johnson and Fred Mitchell report that the recovery time table for Derrick Rose’s rehab after a successful surgery to repair his ACL is estimated to be eight to 10 months.

The path to recovery is sure to be an arduous one; however, the biggest obstacle will not be the physical rehabilitation, but rather the mental recuperation.

Derrick’s older brother, Reggie Rose, hit the nail on the head when he was quoted in that same Tribune article as saying the following about Rose’s rehab, "It's him learning how to trust his body."

That statement is tremendously profound in all of its simplicity.

Trusting his body again may be the hardest thing for Rose to do over the course of his healing.

Rose managed to maintain a very positive attitude over his injury-filled 2011-12 regular season, but those multiple injuries did not carry the consequences of his postseason bang-up.

What makes his torn ACL all the more mentally damaging is the fact that Rose acquired the injury on a play that is usually routine for him.

The simplicity of the move that took Rose out for the rest of this year’s playoffs and much of the 2012-13 season is bound to pop up frequently when he is testing the limits of his newly constructed knee.

Will he get frustrated with the monotonous, repetitive baby steps it takes just to get the knee functioning normally again?

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Will he be able to gradually let go and let his body do what it seemed to do so effortlessly all those games prior?

Will Rose dig deep into his offseason work ethic and block out all of the doubt when he tries to stop, cut or jump?

It’s hard for anyone not part of the Bulls’ staff or in Rose’s inner circle to speculate, but that doesn’t diminish the concern and Rose knows it.

He knows that his livelihood, the team’s championship aspirations and the fans’ chance to cheer for greatness again rest heavily on his shoulders.

Those factors could play a big role in his recovery; however, they can play either the role of a motivator or a burden.

The reassuring thing is that there is nothing about Rose’s demeanor that suggests he will not fully recover from this ordeal, no matter how grueling it may be.

While there may be a myriad of things running through his mind during the recovery, he will ponder and pass on the ones that hinder progress, and keep the ones that help him regain his focus.

Rose may be the one in physical therapy getting back into shape, but he knows he's not alone.

When he embarks on his rehabilitation regimen, he knows he has his family, friends, teammates and the entire city of Chicago cheering him on.

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