Hail to the Chief: Will Pat Bowlen Do What It Takes to Bring Broncos Back?

Ken KooimanContributor IFebruary 1, 2009

Pat Bowlen is considered by many the best owner to work for. This year marks his 25th year of ownership, and he has started it off with a bang. After the team's collapse in 2008, he fired his long tenured and much respected friend and head coach, Mike Shanahan. This, in itself, was a huge sign that the Denver Broncos are expected to achieve higher standards than of late.

Many thought the firing a bad move. Others thought it was long overdue. All must agree it was NOT a wise business move. With the economy the way it is today, how can it be fiscal to have two head coaches' salaries on the books?

However, one thing he did establish is, it's his team to do with what he pleases. To be a fan of the Denver Broncos, you must deal with the decisions he has made and will make. I think he made a good one in Josh McDaniels as the new coach, but only time will tell.

In order to get this team back into the upper echelon, there are many choices to be made that Bowlen will most certainly be a part of. After all, it is HIS money. How much is he willing to spend on free agents while paying over 20 mil./yr. toward head coaches alone?

Personally, I feel if he was willing to fire Shanahan knowing he was still under contract and hire McDaniels to a rather hefty contract, he must be willing to do whatever it takes to get the team back to the days when he stood on the podium and said, "This one's for John." As fans, we hope this is the case.

The Broncos have nine draft picks this year and are a team that has a lot of promise. Some fans are hoping for a trade down of the No. 12 pick in order to get two first round picks. With the price a first rounder demands, I don't feel this will happen.

However, if a team such as Detroit would want to trade their No. 20 and No. 33 for our No. 12, No. 79, and No. 141 picks, I could see it happening, because the 33 is actually a second round pick. This would give us a No. 20, No. 33, and No. 48. We could get the impact players needed at certain positions with those picks.

Possible free agents are the same story. I don't see us going after the high profile players—partly because of cost, partly because of the age of most of these guys. Some will be signed by their present teams, and others will be franchised. We will get a few FAs; they just won't be the ones some fans are coveting.

To all fans, I have to say this: Have fun during this optimistic part of the season. Hope should run high, but be realistic on who we will be getting. Don't get too disappointed when another team gets the FA you thought we needed.

Most of all, remember, the Broncos are Pat Bowlen's team. It's his money that is going to be spent assembling players for the 2009 season, and we are at his mercy.